Lawful Thugs Steal Too

Prompted by “The public needs to be educated about civil asset forfeiture”:

To anyone educated in the law who has a general sense of reality and the principles of our United States government, it’s clear that there’s a real problem with civil asset forfeiture as it exists in this country. For the most part, those who support it are those who profit from it.

Anyone educated in the law knows the Commerce Clause was illegally redefined (from “regulate commerce” to ‘regulate any activity having a substantial effect on commerce’) by the judicial branch of our United States government, and that amendment nine in the Bill of Rights (which can only logically serve to judicially recognize our fundamental rights) has been illegally disarmed by that same group (i.e. no case can be won on ninth amendment grounds).

One prominent result is the monstrous war on some drugs that fails to even create a “drug free” prison system (nonetheless provides no concrete evidence of reducing drug abuse), but does adversely affect millions of non-violent lives at tremendous expense against the public good.

So in addition to supporting sanctioned thuggery (what Certain Drug Prohibition is really all about), it makes thuggish sense for consistency to add civil asset forfeiture to bring sanctioned theft for those sanctioned thugs.

So how does it still exist? Well, whenever I talk to people about it, their general reaction is disbelief. As hard as it is for us who are involved to realize, most people don’t really get it. […]

Close to 3/4 of the population just don’t know about it.

Most people don’t know about civil asset forfeiture. If you’re one of them, the following poll wording makes it clear:

“Law enforcement should be able to permanently seize money or other property if they suspect it’s connected to criminal activity, even if no charges have been filed…”

“Law” enforcement gets to keep the value of that seized by them, so forms a terrible incentive to pad their coffers on weak (if any true, not just claimed) grounds too often to offset budget problems involving that enforcement.

Most people also don’t know about the completely failed (and highly publicly destructive) nature of the war on some drugs.

That lacking awareness comes from two excessively publicly undisclosed forms of addiction — drug prohibition addiction, and tragic news reporting addiction.

They both fuel each other, and the public is being corroded (in part due to mass rights infringement) as an awful result.

Most people remain unaware of such widespread and fundamentally deep government corruption, because the mainstream media (fraudulently claiming to be a trustworthy source journalistically ethically supplying the people’s right to know) unethically refuses to address this powerfully key issue.

The reason for that refusal is their addiction to tragic news reporting.

The freshest newsworthy information regarding tragic events is what mainstream media outlets largely compete over, and the group consistently supplying that information is our government (especially in the area of law enforcement). The result is effectively state-run media in the land of the free press.

If we continue to inform people, we should be able to change the law.

We need to understand the progressive break that our revolutionary Founding Fathers (fighting against the abuse of law itself) started by defining liberty fundamentally as an unalienable right (i.e. liberty limited only by the right itself, which means law can only be applied upon rights violation, so never the risk of rights violation — to define risk is inevitably to define liberty against that right), and restore American law to its intended progressive form.

Most people remain unaware that a key distinction separating American conservatism from pre-American conservatism exists, and that the latter group spans at least both major political parties — and functions as a dominant insurgency spanning our nation’s entire history. In other words, the militaristic area of the American Revolution ended over two centuries ago, but the conflict over fundamental rights rages onwards in the area of law (basically over the conflict between an unalienable right to liberty with British common law still unfortunately embraced nationally here) — and American conservatism is losing hardcore so far due to the nationally grand disguise of sanctioned thugs as heroes.

Truly good principles are pure enough to remove the need for anyone to fight over them.

We are obviously not a nation (or a species) grounded in pure principles.

We are an excessively reckless group of thugs and their victims whom define principle on the fly and in tune with whatever corrupt reasoning that superficially grants more power by that definition, because such thugs idiotically remain unaware that mainstream science inevitably concludes the need for reality’s balance for stability against all actions within reality (read the Rule of Reality for more on this fact).

Objectivity (perfect application of the scientific method) is needed for fairness, which in turn is needed for justice.

To embrace justice, scientific constitutionalism fully logically brings liberalism, progressivism, American conservatism, and libertarianism together — in part by pressing society to most accurately (i.e. maximally conclusively — never suggestively — scientifically) define harm, so therefore naturally liberty and law.

I authored the Liberty Shield informational roots (and recently refined them btw) to get the ball rolling on raising awareness about the undeniable need for scientific constitutionalism to bring humanity out of the unbearably lengthy Age of Sanctioned Thugs.

The wise solution is obviously to publicly clean up the massive thuggish mess, but that undoubtedly requires most people to remain aware enough to care — and that’s what responsible entertainment (i.e. education with entertainment for learning interest) is all about.

Your psychology likely instantly demands dismissal of this factual information to continue buying into brazen examples of the Big Lie technique pouring throughout public minds by popular education (that obviously flawlessly supports the oligarchy actually running our society dominantly for themselves).

I’m slowly but surely doing my best in this key regard (lots going on beyond these words) for public safety and tuning in with pure principles. That includes supporting honorable members of our judicial community understanding the thuggish raid in law (and the brave need to oppose that unhealthy advance with strong public support for the sake of true liberty), and journalists truly believing in their journalism code of ethics to keep the public tuned in against an abusive oligarchy.

Are you doing your best in this critical regard? If not, why not (noting that courage is always the answer to fear)?

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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