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Prompted by “Powerful new U.N. report”: http://www.drugwarrant.com/2015/09/powerful-new-u-n-report/

Pete calls that report powerful, and — relative to the insane perpetuating of the obviously failed prohibitionist war on some drugs (generating massive money for the wrong people on either side of the thin blue line at the expense of liberty and public safety) — it is.

The whole report (PDF) is available via link in the prompting piece, if you’re interested, but I’m using this moment (as I love to reasonably often do) to examine our Respect Cannabis campaign focus. Don’t worry. I’m not really stuck in a permanent and complexly freakish loop (or such).

The Special Rapporteur on the right to health has underlined the distinction between drug use and drug dependence. Drug dependence is a chronic, relapsing disorder that should be medically treated using a biopsychosocial approach. Drug use is neither a medical condition nor does it necessarily lead to drug dependence.

For simpler and accurate language needed for much stronger public persuasion and precise law (including necessary to powerfully publicly press for the end of Certain Drug Prohibition), there’s no good reason for linguists to continue effectively rejecting a hard-line distinction between use and abuse (use is a harmless act, while abuse is a harmful one — both maximally possibly close to objectively speaking — I remain unconvinced that harm can truly be objectively defined). That said, it’s always nice to see some formal acknowledgement of the distinction between drug use and abuse.

I believe in the (unalienable) right to liberty, because of the certainty involved. Liberty is the condition of being free from restriction or control, so violating that right is clear. The word health matches no certainty, so the inevitable subjective defining of that word in the context of rights is risky in terms of favoritism and/or confusion against public safety (perhaps even despite the best of intentions). I have much more to say about the right to health, but brevity effectively commands otherwise here.

…the Special Rapporteur on the right to health have all determined that a harm reduction approach is essential for persons who use drugs.

A harm reduction approach is essential for persons engaging in literally any activity. The notion that certain drug use is worthy of distinction is an extremely gross lie reinforced by demonizing that use (e.g. hardcore abuse equals all use) with the mainstream media undeniably complicit against their own journalism code of ethics to sustain that demonization (a very serious problem exacerbating this terrible monstrosity against restoring sanity).

WHO has recommended decriminalizing drug use…

At least based upon Pete’s highlights, the report misses a key point. There’s a distinction between decriminalization and legalization — one removes or reduces certain criminal penalties (but not all of them), while the other totally removes judicial action, respectively. That distinction is too often blurred, so confusion against healthy communication and policy sadly emerges as a result. For example, our state decriminalized cannabis possession, so being caught with less than an ounce means a $100 fine (no longer a more serious offense). However, our state also legalized medical cannabis, but there’s a whole assortment of regulations involved that leave this preferably linguistically clear author calling it medical decriminalization.

Decriminalization is obviously better than criminality, but legalization is inevitably necessary to fully recognize liberty and ultimately health. Decriminalization fails to address the serious problem known as black market influence. Illegal drugs are cheap and easy to supply, so command a huge profit margin for criminal organizations of all sizes due to monopolistic forces and/or judicial risk. Even smaller gangs generate large profits to buy military grade weaponry putting law enforcement (and the rest of civilization) at greater risk.

Legalization is needed to greatly reduce black market influence over governance and health (no other illegal activity comes close in terms of profit margin). Then dealing with drug abuse becomes a purely health issue (which makes sense). Moreover, legalization means the cost for drugs such as heroin drops dramatically, so theft (and the violence perhaps accompanying it) becomes logically reduced, if not eliminated.

As actual (i.e. basically objectively proven) harm is still righteously illegal, so too would be selling objectively harmful drugs (deadly poisons, for extremely clarifying example).

Education is the only risk reduction and prevention method in a nation with an unalienable right to liberty (“elephant in the room” extremely riskily ignored nationally here — see the terribly dangerous irony?), but there’s a necessary exception for public context laws (e.g. traffic laws), so a necessary improvement of context recognition within constitutional law (but I digress). Using heroin does not directly infringe upon another individual’s rights, so by actually constitutional law (see sanely restored amendment nine), there can be no Heroin Prohibition regardless of insane support for that demonstrably failed approach (including the blatantly illegally redefined Commerce Clause insanely solely “legitimizing” Certain Drug Prohibition against the need for a federal constitutional amendment needed for Alcohol Prohibition).

Education obviously needs to be effective, and that means entertainment must be included for natural learning interest. With today’s social media reach, the ability for the many thousands of entertainers to entertainingly and often warn each generation of the serious risk of highly addictive drugs is more powerful than this U.N. report. With powerful painkillers/euphoriants, the answer is clear — any high in life (even while sober btw) has a corresponding cost for reality’s hardcore scientifically affirmed need for balance (so stability).

We don’t need to scare people into just saying no to drugs (a generic term reinforcing confusion against public safety), while hypocritically lawfully allowing alcohol (scientifically a drug) consumption to even the judicially acceptable and deadly degree known as alcohol poisoning.

We need to simply often point out the need to factor in the inevitable cost of positive experience itself (there’s no “free lunch” in life, scientifically speaking).

Like global warming crossing a threshold of no return in terms of the vicious circle destroying all life on Earth, euphoriants offer that same vicious circle risk by way of cycling between powerful positive and balancing negative experiences. Fixing drug abuse (or any similar abuse) is only a matter of breaking that destructive cycle, which is all about stress management. Even the prohibitionist U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse understood that back in 1995 by stating, “Researchers have long recognized the strong correlation between stress and substance abuse…”

First, we need to educate the public that drug prohibition addiction is the true ironic scourge causing enormous societal damage, while global “leaders” apparently torturously and slowly figure out how to save face in light of their severe international overreach of epic proportions against public health, liberty, and justice with (dis)respect for certain drug use (all for the sake of globally powerful corruption).

As that U.N. report likely won’t significantly persuade the public to change their views on prohibition (because probably most people will never even know the report exists due to serious mainstream media bias, and traditional political rightists mainly needing such persuasive correction will instantly dismiss any U.N. result as political leftist leverage), I largely disagree with the claim of that report being powerful.

Our Respect Cannabis campaign needs to find a way to bypass the mainstream media (in part by encouraging honorable journalists to take a stand against the blatant journalistic conflict of interest against public safety by coupling tragedy reporting with the people’s right to know — competitively reporting tragedy means sustaining serious relationships with government, especially law enforcement, even against public safety during judicially popular corruption).

This honest and caring multimedia entertainer has the tools necessary to achieve that goal, but now we need increasing momentum towards taking our “slam dunk” case against Certain Drug Prohibition to the true highest court of the land — the court of public opinion (no government, or private-sector-including oligarchy, can resist the will of the sufficiently organized masses — e.g. see any successful revolution throughout history, while importantly noting that violence is not always necessary).

Imagine a powerful mainstream current favoring prohibition. Now imagine one man stirring against that current by concisely identifying (unlike any other drug policy reform organization) the fact that Certain Drug Prohibition cannot possibly be nationally constitutional (an immediate “slam dunk” against Certain Drug Prohibition legitimacy likely with globally positive rippling effects), and instead of coupling the well-proven dangerous traditional political leftism (so not really progressivism) against public safety during “drug policy reform”, imagine that man decoupling political alignment in favor of strictest application of the scientific method for just law and education. Now I hope you imagine helping me out, because leveraging this stirring device is seriously challenging (I can’t be effective without your support).

Helping me out during these early stages simply means providing constructive feedback and/or spreading the Respect Cannabis word.

Any campaign needs proper resources to flow right, so taking our campaign to the next level means providing even minimal resources to fund our honest and carefully considered approach to ending one of the grossest scams ever perpetrated via the always-dangerous Big Lie technique. That funding is best applied by financially contributing to Stress Health thankyouness.

Due to the complexity of this issue (many parts necessarily expressed together for whole truth accuracy), I must continuously practice my writing skills and unfortunately repeat myself constantly until enough traction occurs to negate that tiring need. Please bear with me during the tiresome repetition, and recognize that my newly established Twitter profile for Respect Cannabis will offer more traditional and brief content (with minimal necessary repetition) to better generate positive momentum for our just campaign to better (i.e. immediately) end the certain drug war insanity for the sake of literally millions of people rotting in various ways these days — all for the sake of traditional major politics (the absence of leadership).

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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