Black Market Law

Prompted by “How Taxes and Restrictions on Legal Weed Keep the Black Market Thriving”:

While marijuana legalization continues to become more widespread across the United States, it seems that government officials have found a way to perpetuate the perils of prohibition by imposing ridiculous levels of regulation and high taxes on the herb that prevents users from vacating the black market.

Although one of the primary selling points for legal cannabis involves pulling pot patrons out of the black market and dropping them into the civil sector, eliminating a myriad of social and public safety concerns, a recent article by Reason’s managing editor J.D. Tuccille suggests that legalization has created a unique environment where the war dogs of the drug war and the underground dealers are both winning.

Of course, if our nation actually honored the unalienable right to liberty (by constitutional way of retracting the obviously illegal judicial disarming of amendment nine), none of these regulations (all grounded in an obvious and illegal judicial redefining of the Commerce Clause) could possibly justly happen.

Economic flow is a very complex issue, but it’s simple to see that government favoritism (intentional or not) creates major destructive blockages against financial wisdom (including anti-competitive situations that are supposed to be illegal).

Cannabis can be professionally grown in all 50 states, so the price without black market imposition should dramatically drop due logically to supply overwhelming demand. Competition would be seriously strong in a free market limited only by abusive conduct therein (private sector version of aforementioned favoritism against healthy competition).

The “X” price factor for me is professional growing talent. There’s no doubt that growing cannabis right is a skill offering a complex set of options for growers, so there’s no doubt that some growers will shine with that skill, while others fail — perhaps to a degree putting a premium on the fruits (flowers) of their labor. In other words, a major price factor comes from supply and demand due to growing talent. The more satisfying growers on the planet, the lower the price due to competition.

Of course, a free market (involving a plant for which there’s literally factually no experimental science proving any harm from moderate use — but for which there’s at least reasonably solid proof of health improvement) would crush the black market due to economies of scale and excellently facilitated access, so the ‘regulate and tax’ folks are clearly doing serious harm in that regard.

There would be major “cannabusinesses” growing a cheap product (similar to major beer suppliers), but there would also wonderfully be a wealth of smaller players focusing upon the “cannabisseur” market desiring only the best cannabis results (including plant purity and supreme evolution). Moreover, there would be many professionals (including entertainers such as yours truly) growing products and services from the cannabis experience. That entertainment would be an excellent vehicle for non-lamely educating risks against “cannabuse”.

The tragic irony comes from combining the following two points.

Cannabis is abused by the overwhelming minority of users (based upon the whole available truth), yet is prohibited by brutal law harming way too many (roughly millions of) non-violent people.

Capitalism is similarly abused by the overwhelming minority of professionals, but that doesn’t stop cannabis-supporting proponents for deep government penetration into professional lives (as if public sector abuse is not an equally serious problem) from hypocritically chanting support for (what is logically illegal) government manipulation of the marketplace to mass detriment.

This is why I started our Respect Cannabis campaign. Extracting political leftism from cannabis (and other relevant drug) legalization is paramount, but no major drug policy reform group embraces that point. The result is brutal law replacing brutal law (all of it coming from traditional political leftist forces, and way too often supported by grossly hypocritical traditional political rightists), while mass harm continues unabated.

Respect Cannabis presents our “public servants” with a literally “slam dunk” case against the legality of Certain Drug Prohibition overall, so public exposure of that argument logically forms a supremely powerful pressure to promptly repeal the obviously failed Controlled Substances Act in favor of a consequent entertaining effort to educate the risks of any form of intentional perception alteration (including the arbitrarily legal drug called alcohol).

The first Respect Cannabis goal is to bluntly end Certain Drug Prohibition similar to the fall of the Berlin Wall, and we have the fully reasoned informational ammunition to justly seal that deal.

It’s time to end the abuse. That includes cannabis (and other drug) abuse, but that also includes law abuse.

If you agree, then spread the Respect Cannabis word.

If you want to explore my full knowledge of this issue, then my highly meticulously refined informational roots can be freely read (without registration or such) at my Stress Health website:

If you want to help us achieve necessary resources for strong organizational growth, then financially support Stress Health. There’s even an option to reward Stress Health workers (think convenient tip jar for max flexibility) with just a $1 yearly subscription…

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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