Psychedelic Meditation

Prompted by “Meditation Kicks Depression’s Ass For Good”:

Stress imbalance is deadly serious. Abuses of any kind emerge as a compensatory effort towards balance — because balance is needed for stability (so survival, and “thrival”).

Meditation is about resting your mind to purest balance possible (a state of balance dominance). That exercise builds your understanding (by experience) of your truest foundation. If life trips you up, twists you around yourself, threateningly pushes you into a corner, and inflames your brain — all to the point of helplessness — you always have that base to unravel into, and can adapt to rest into that balance (so stability, etc.)

Considering the mainstream physics conclusion that your body is pure energy seamlessly connected beyond any mental boundary you rely upon for distinction, tuning your body like a complex guitar string makes sense.

Tune yourself sharp, and you’re more likely to break. This is the common concern, because humanity still mainly treats work as productive, and relaxation as a break from productivity (more work and less relaxing “obviously” equals a widely and deeply terrible stress imbalance against public safety). The truth is work can be unproductive (i.e. destructive), and relaxation can be productive. I rely upon a healthy work ethic and a healthy relaxation ethic to maximize balance for optimal survival individually and for our boundless community.

Tune yourself flat, and you suffer from an unhealthy relaxation ethic, which leads to depression, dopamine problems, etc. A healthy work ethic sharpens your tuning properly. A major concern here is turning to substances to offset flat-tuning problems, when substance abuse prevents a healthy work ethic (a terribly vicious circle).

Psychedelics (e.g. cannabis) play a very powerful role in helping the public find their meditative center. Instead of trying to merely leverage words to explain how to achieve that ultimate meditative goal (focus on breathing, etc.), the right psychedelic signature powerfully impresses that sense upon the user (i.e. far more educationally impressive).

I maintain the strain “Cheese” best matches that impression in the cannabis class, but while prohibition fails to impact supply and demand, it does destructively impact strain consistency (your “Cheese” may dramatically differ, though my claim basically matches the Leafly description).

Psychedelics are very powerful tuning agents with oceanic flexibility in terms of options to consistently impress upon mentality, which is why there’s so much public conflict (and confusion) over benefit and harm. As easy as it is to strengthen a sense of balance (nonetheless the sense of cosmic reach beyond your distinction) by psychedelic power, equally easy is abusing a psychedelic to ruinous effect.

Responsible psychedelic use is about entering the “shallow end” (very mild intake intensity, friendly effects, safe environment, neutral/positive mood, etc.) and remaining there until you learn to “swim” (psychedelic use is a skill). Recklessly experimenting with psychedelics is highly risky, and should be avoided. Psychedelic culture needs to find non-lame/entertaining ways to repeatedly ensure that warning is spread everywhere for public safety (I’m considering and experimenting with ways to leverage my Stress Health entertainment project to lawfully achieve that healthy goal).

For a serious boost to health (including a likely seriously dramatic reduction of the burden upon healthcare services), society must properly shift towards a balance between work and relaxation. The latter ethic would be the prime realm for psychedelic use to brilliantly reinforce the positive effect of relaxation (and, more importantly, would ironically dramatically expand the vast industry dedicated to healthy relaxation — so create more healthy work ethic opportunities).

That does not mean relaxation should always match psychedelic intake, because all things in moderation still applies (and misfitting psychedelics forms unhealthy stress). Your body will tell you, if you’re tapping into psychedelics too often, and since psychedelic dependency is generally mild, simply abstaining enough ensures healthiest remedy.

Ultimately, you know how you feel, which is what achieving balance dominance is all about. If you find meditative balance without psychedelics (some people already do), then perfect.

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I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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