Will You Get Dementia?

Prompted by “Why do some people get dementia and not others?”: http://www.dementiablog.org/why-do-some-people-get-dementia/

Well, you could read the prompting piece, but here’s the quick summary in one following sentence:

Getting dementia could be based upon mental exercise (brain strength), genetics, sleeping, and/or eating.

If you healthily exercise the muscle that is your brain, have suitable genetics, sleep well, and eat right, then you should be okay.

Of course, during the horribly lengthy transition from “dope” to awesome stress management tool in our society, psychedelic (e.g. cannabis) intake isn’t mentioned, because the distinction between use and abuse (constantly unethically swapped merely for prohibitionist convenience and hideous public confusion) remains excessively popularly buried by blatantly unethical demonization tactics serving thugs (sanctioned and otherwise) — at least in the “land of the free”.

Is that language too harsh? So too is the obviously failed war on some drugs literally ruining countless non-violent lives (easily arguably millions of them) with nowhere near enough of a journalistically ethical challenge by the mainstream media against those thugs (often questionably wearing a badge and consistently supplying newsworthy information about the tragic events frequently reported as apparently needed for professional journalistic survival — a very serious conflict of interest reinforcing law abuse against the “people’s right to know”). Plus, that language is brutally honest (no exaggeration), and that’s what we’re about here. Honesty and free speech are supposed to be a good educational thing — and a safe thing, if we live in a dominantly good society.

Awareness of that distinction is obviously needed for public safety (a major Stress Health goal), especially considering the increasing recognition of cannabis legality with no reverse momentum.

In other words, that actually undeniably illegal (albeit in an uncorrupted judicial system understanding the judicial branch cannot redefine constitutional clauses — which they clearly have, according to the public record, to “justify” Certain Drug Prohibition forming that) burial must now disappear for goodness (and at least nationally patriotic) sake.

Sobriety is mental nakedness, and while certain cultural players insist that we all wear clothes for protection of all kinds (including moral), they also hypocritically (if not idiotically and ignorantly — albeit powerfully) insist upon sobriety (sometimes even by liberty-infringing law — e.g. Alcohol Prohibition). Okay, in all fairness, that insistence largely comes from the publicly devastatingly idiotic effect of alcohol intake, which even upon one drink (for those folks with insufficient alcohol tolerance) forms defiance against wise inhibition and proper orientation for stability.

Alcohol, caffeine, and tobacco basically began the western cultural understanding that humanity naturally has an obligation to mentally adapt to dangerous stressors for better survival (ironically including unhealthy dependencies upon one or more of those perception-altering substances).

Psychedelics (used by certain cultures for thousands of years) utterly crush those crude stress management products in terms of securing that healthy goal, but there are risks that must be at least minimally understood prior to exercising that potentially very powerful class of perception alteration tools (recklessly experimenting with psychedelics is very risky).

When many more people are introduced to the pure and kind side of psychedelics (e.g. senior citizens lawfully using an electronic vaporizer set at about 370 degrees Fahrenheit, and containing an expertly grown and simply psychologically textured strain of cannabis called Cheese — one puff a day as a very mild nightcap is fine), then all will be popularly powerfully revealed. That includes understanding proper psychedelic use does not affect the wisdom part of the brain (if you’re smart sober, you remain smart during psychedelic use), nor is it automatically disorienting — it’s very easy to achieve pure and stable effects that nicely, if not wonderfully and perhaps even gloriously (you have solid control over that choice), encourage a healthy mindset.

We basically all know the Information Age (e.g. you’re using it right now).

Responsible psychedelic use logically carries humanity towards the Mind Age — which is also when computers will likely popularly disappear into the human brain to join that upcoming Age.

Psychedelics logically inspire the computerized (i.e. clothes like) capability of mental protection for better survival, but most (if not all) of us alive today will not experience that computerized outcome due to the many ethical and logistical (and I assume judicial) issues — e.g. healthy modularity, facilitating upgrades, etc. — that must be worked out first.

Our natural duty is to help future generations maximally healthily reach that amazing goal. That duty includes properly experiencing the psychedelic introduction to that brilliant Age. That does not mean everyone should consume psychedelics. Proper intentional perception alteration includes staying sober upon healthy effect of that state of mind (being naked isn’t always bad, after all), but learn to tap into the literally oceanic set of psychedelic possibilities to otherwise adapt for better survival (psychedelic use is a skill — very easy to learn with a wide and deep set of options towards expertise).

Bridging those Ages is the Education Age (relying upon an innovative entertainment layer for student interest and goal support) by leveraging the incredible (and still nascent) power of the Information Age to bring us to the Mind Age.

Does that all seem to deviate (perhaps even insanely) from your understanding of sensible beliefs?

If so, the question you should be asking is, “Why?”

Without reason abuse (e.g. lying or spin), the irrefutable answer is you’ve been horribly lied to, based upon the whole truth and nothing but. Now works sufficiently well for you to smarten up for public safety, and reinforce the understandable public outrage against another horribly failed (including heavily destructive) prohibition to compel our “public servants” to immediately end such horrific corruption entrenched within our national borders in the “halls of power” (the enemy is within and controlling the fort).

For the ‘What about heroin?’ crowd, heroin abuse (even according to the prohibitionist U.S. National Institute on Drug Abuse) is about unhealthy stress — not drug availability (which does not go away by prohibition, annually according to prohibitionists in their U.S. National Drug Threat Assessment). Improving stress management (impossible via thuggery and its necessary fear component) is about education and experience. Heroin was invented by Bayer (yes, that Bayer) and has been replaced by morphine. Heroin is simply a painkiller, which can be addictive for obvious reasons. According to government statistics even found credible by prohibitionists, heroin use affects the overwhelming minority of the population, so not the deadly viral epidemic scaring the public into pouring billions of dollars annually into the hands of thugs to do nothing good about it — ironically the real epidemic.

The Mind Age will expose the fallacy of reason abuse (which “cleverly” runs rampant these days), and its terrible reach to form law abuse — the most serious threat of harm due to its mainly broad scope of destruction (and the form igniting our nation in a violent revolution).

Reason abuse and/or law abuse are deadly serious threats towards securing at least your dementia.

While I amply focus upon my Respect Cannabis campaign towards responsible intentional perception alteration, the Mind Always Matters campaign is of equal importance, and anyone dealing with dementia should at least check it out (especially the Heads Up program).

Just say no to drugs?

Those words resonated from President Reagan whom later died from Alzheimer’s disease. That’s a horribly ironic tragedy, when considering proper cannabis use is scientifically suggested to oppose the disease (no other drug makes that claim, right mainstream media, which loves to make big noise about suggestive — actually at least usually junk — science when it opposes certain drugs?), has worked brilliantly well for my personal “caregivee” diagnosed with that deadly disease (with a state-sanctioned medical cannabis license), extends outwards to include other anecdotal experiences available at the Alzheimer’s Association’s forums and elsewhere (not to mention expressed in a government patent).

How about we all just righteously demonstrate no to thugs?

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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