Sharing Pain

Prompted by “Study: Medical Marijuana Access Reduces Painkiller Abuse”:

Anti-pot proponents falsely claim that liberalized marijuana policies are associated with rising opioid abuse, but the scientific data says just the opposite.

I need you to ironically share my pain to begin the honest path towards societal healing, while I post this about painkillers and cannabis.

In Massachusetts (no, the shared pain isn’t in making you spell this state right — nor hitting you up with the fact that it’s actually a commonwealth), there’s an “opioid crisis”, according to local mainstream media and ample advertising.

Our state presents competence towards addressing the crisis (mainstream media and advertisers are very good on this front), but produces floundering results indicative of law enforcement being a hindrance involving a health issue to the point where aforementioned media now reports that such enforcement (with “drug experts” who still ridiculously say “drugs and alcohol” — despite the latter clearly being a drug, scientifically speaking) is trying to lure opioid addicts (whom still apparently equally and problematically exist despite aforementioned competence) by the promise of negating judicial beatings upon securing at least questionable help by aforementioned experts. No, the shared pain is not wielding long sentences (and using the word aforementioned frequently) to impress the nasty weight of the situation upon your reading mind.

‘We the state voters’ recognized cannabis’ medical legality back in 2012, but recent news reported that merely the second state-sanctioned dispensary opened up these days — the limit due to ridiculously painful regulations.

Heroin (and other painkiller) addiction is well understood to be all about unhealthy stress (a vicious circle of equally amplified and excessive positive and balancing negative experiences from a recreational trap or chronic pain). If the circle amplifies beyond the user’s critical stress factor, overdose occurs.

Such addiction is not about the absence of sanctioned thuggery in the “land of the free” (nor the mere availability of certain unethically arbitrarily selected drugs — the basis for such thuggery), which is ironically obviously more unhealthily stressful (forming negative stress is what thugs are solely good at).

When used responsibly, cannabis is an excellent tuning agent for stress management these days. Unlike coffee with its simple charge (e.g. affecting the mind of yours truly now), cannabis offers an oceanic set of options for dealing with certain stressors, so provides enormous flexibility to align healthily with the often serious uniqueness of people.

Cheese is a recommended default strain (used mildly in electronically vaporized form by my “caregivee” with a state-sanctioned medical cannabis license and diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease) — ideal for beginners-through-experts and patients (even those folks dealing with mental issues) — because the psychological effects texture is smoothly simple and wisely uplifting (Zen-like) in sensation.

If the ridiculous prohibition against a harmless plant (link to my scientific debunking of — or slam-dunking against, if you prefer — harm claims) would end — including the politically charged regulation regime ironically in the way — then the opioid crisis would logically become remedied, even though the stressors prompting such abuse remain.

No drug (or other technology) should be the endgame for addressing a stressor, because healthy living is all about healthy adaptation. That technology helps towards that adaptation (obviously only upon proper use), but should never become an unnecessary crutch against healthy rewards.

Those stressors still need to be properly addressed by a civilized society that (instead of the lacking civility by community leaders and their mainstream media “megaphone” refusing to point the finger of blame squarely at themselves for forming an excessively rigid society crushing too many lives against those ‘popular’ limits, while recklessly trashing certain drug users) understands the need for balance to achieve stability (a proper stress signature for maximal survival).

In other words, society forces a (judicially formed) structure of “proper living” — one that includes work being productive, while the less-achieved relaxation is a break from productivity (forming a society wide unhealthy stress imbalance pressing horribly against too many lives).

That imbalance (like any stressor) leads to abuses of all kinds — including violence (nonetheless law abuse from reason abuse). Mainstream society’s solution is condemn addicts (though often laughing at alcohol abuse — e.g. drunkenness on sitcoms), while continuing the same demonstrable retardation widely and deeply against true human progress. The Great Hypocrisy (term inspired by the Great Depression) spanning ample portions of human existence runs “cleverly” rampant, while unethically destroying many lives with stupidly no concern of reimbursement in a purely energetic reality scientifically proven to coerce balance for its demonstrably supreme dominance.

The true solution is recognizing that balance is needed for stability, so a healthy work ethic must be balanced with a healthy relaxation ethic (the latter equally productive at least due to bodily healing, while unhealthy work is unproductive — e.g. landscaping within a hurricane). When society understands that healthy focal point, a brighter future emerges (the hurricane gives way to loving sunshine).

Cheese is an excellent strain to smoothly reign in (upon waves of proper usage) the wild modulations from painkiller addiction (and other unhealthy stressors — perhaps even including conditions such as bipolar disorder). It helps guide users towards understanding the benefits of meditation by forming a psychological symphonic frame for the user’s mind (like a nice musical drone felt within your mind) casually encouraging the user to recognize the positive mental health exercise that awaits (cannabis is brilliant, but meditation — even little bits of it when safe and accessible — is supreme in securing the ultimate balance).

Moreover, the need to healthily exercise your brain towards that meditative quality is essential to truly strengthen the mind (and helps users manage complex cannabis signatures threatening mental stability — e.g. a complex “salad” of multiple strains with an intense amplification). Cannabis is effectively a teacher, but the student must apply that education upon sobriety when possible to avoid problematic cannabis dependency (i.e. beyond similar reasonable dependencies such as that towards caffeine as experienced by many, if not most, people).

Overdose deaths involving opioid analgesics have increased dramatically over the past decade. While fewer than 4,100 opiate-induced fatalities were reported for the year 1999, by 2010 this figure rose to over 16,600 according to an analysis by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

Just like Alcohol Prohibition (which oddly required a federal constitutional amendment — just sayin’), Certain Drug Prohibition has been nothing shy but a demonstrably (inter)nationally embarrassing “remedy” that ironically and pathetically exacerbates the problem that seriously affects the overwhelmingly minority of people (based at least upon prohibitionist-respected and consistent federal government statistics) — while overwhelmingly enriching the minority of other people against public safety (abusing power is the true reason why the war on some drugs irrationally remains sustained).

If the public does not sufficiently powerfully provide the proper and ironic intervention against reckless prohibition addicts blatantly lying to the public and effectively stealing taxpayer money to get their fix, then that prohibition overdose logically dangerously affects all of us — including the children whom prohibitionists’ proclaim a passionate desire to avoid sending the wrong message to.

In terms of the (at least attempted) humor within this post, I leave you with one of my favorite Niels Bohr quotes:

“There are some things so serious, you have to laugh at them.”

Do you share my pain here?

If you do, there are plenty of healthy remedies (including laughter), but thuggery (sanctioned, academic, or otherwise) is clearly not one of them.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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3 comments on “Sharing Pain
  1. vaporninja says:

    Using cannabis has reduced my need for opiates. I’m in chronic pain from a motor vehicle accident, and use cannabis and morphine to control the pain.
    The only reason I’m allowed to use cannabis is that I’m in California and have a permit for MMJ. Normally people are tested for it and refused opiates if it is found in their system, a true crime.
    I appreciate all your articles, but this one spoke to me directly.


    • Spirit Wave says:

      Thank you and sincere best wishes, vaporninja. For educational purposes, is there a specific strain, or set of them, that work (better) for you? Or do you mix it up upon each visit to your dispensary (basically grabbing a different strain(s) each time)?


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