Not High Times for President Obama

Prompted by “Obama and the Real Reefer Madness”:

You might think that the editor in chief of High Times—the New York-based monthly magazine whose mission is legalizing marijuana—would eagerly applaud President Obama for commuting the prison sentences this week of 46 non-violent drug offenders… But that isn’t the case… Indeed, until recently, Dan Skye says, Barack Obama’s Justice Department has been brutally tough on enforcing federal drug laws, especially in the prosecution of growers and distributors of so-called medical marijuana.

Use of “so-called” is a red flag regarding the ‘red team’ agenda of the prompting piece’s author.

Memory serving, about 20,000 international studies confirm medical cannabis deserves the absence of sensible usage of ‘so-called’ in this case. That research joins the ample anecdotal evidence (including my own personal experience with someone greatly improving from the depths of an Alzheimer’s disease diagnosis), and our government’s patent regarding the medical benefits of cannabinoids.

The goal of the prompting piece is apparently to divide the political left and discredit both sides of that division, but that most certainly meets nothing but righteous condemnation around here, where such discredit is applied to both major political parties upon forming the pre-American conservative view of defining risk by liberty-infringing law (e.g. banning the mere holding of a relevant plant in your American hand and all of the hell accompanying that blatantly illegal ban, as any scientific constitutionalist fully logically understands).

“This Administration opposes marijuana legalization, and our policy approach focuses on improving public health and safety through prevention, treatment, support for recovery, and innovative criminal justice strategies to break the cycle of drug use and crime. A considerable body of evidence shows that marijuana use, especially chronic use that begins at a young age, is associated with serious health and social problems. Studies also reveal that marijuana potency has tripled since 1990, raising serious public health concerns.”

That “considerable body” is an outright lie. All such “science” (which fails to apply the scientific method to critical factors such as strain differential, intake method, and intake amount — nonetheless distinguish correlation from causation) is outright bogus (the link carries you to our Respect Cannabis explanation validating that condemnation in more detail).

The fact is millions (if not billions) of people spanning thousands of years have used cannabis without any objectively (i.e. conclusively) proven harm. Moreover, the potency issue is absurd, especially when considering the United States Food & Drug Administration approves Sativex with its 100% THC potency.

A considerable body (i.e. complete body) of evidence confirms prohibition is an utterly destructive and failed policy that is irrationally sustained via the Big Lie technique due to the money (so power) involved. Public safety (i.e. “serious health and social problems”) is actually conclusively proven to be damned during this devastatingly serious case of law abuse demonstrably spanning several decades and counting.

Presidential candidate Obama called the war on some drugs an “utter failure”. What’s changed, Mr. President? Let me help you with your answer, if I may — nothing, apparently but your presidential view of the heavily corrupt power infrastructure entrenching gross degrees of such power against public safety likely by the oligarchical ignoring of the Rule of Reality.

A public intervention is seriously now needed for an abrupt stoppage to broad and deep damage done from egregious law abuse (i.e. prohibition addiction), but instead merely exists towards torturously negating constitutional fact to allow somewhat unhindered access to a plant by way of equally questionable (i.e. logically outright condemnable) and obscenely complexly textured prohibition (a.k.a. judicial/unnatural regulation).

“All the attitudes are changing toward marijuana,” he [Dan Skye] said. “The surveys change weekly, showing more and more favorability…But lot of people are having their lives ruined.”

Even if Cannabis Prohibition ended today, a lot of non-rights-infringing people (roughly millions of them non-violently now throughout the foreseeable future) are still having their lives ruined.

High Times magazine is clearly endorsing the traditional (so not really progressive) political leftist agenda by supporting regulations and taxation to actually recklessly (i.e. without enough, if any, care towards logically necessary constitutional limits against government power expansion to) “legalize” cannabis.

That traditional approach negates the popular mocking of the Commerce Clause application against mere plant possession, and logically inevitably allows Congress to regulate citizens’ thought activity (which always obviously has a supremely substantial effect on commerce by determining literally all buying and selling decisions). Note that technological possibility of manipulating thoughts is indeed on the horizon (feel free to ask the scientific minded and brilliant actor, Morgan Freeman, whom narrated a documentary titled “Can Our Minds be Hacked?”, if you need validation of that horizon).

That justifiable mockery includes pressing publicly hard against the outrageously ridiculous Republican hypocrisy on this front. Abusing the Commerce Clause stems from some of the most serious political leftist pressures against judicial purity (and — never to be a jerk about it — so-called Republican principles).

Reinforce that mocking by properly challenging ‘certain drug’ prohibitionists to prove their policy is effective at all (hint: they haven’t even made a “drug free” prison system).

Moreover, reinforce that mockery by equally challenging them to provide one shred of experimental proof in the “land of the free” that cannabis use (not “heavy use” or abuse) is — so not merely “may” or “can” be — harmful.

There are ways to leverage increasing cannabis popularity to ensure all non-violent people (including those from similar prohibitions in the future — e.g. virtual reality — which will likely produce serious drug-like effects) are saved. Legalizing cannabis instead through some tortured and baseless (and expensive) regulatory system may (if not logically probably) deflates the public attitude towards following through and fulfilling the lawful remedy for justice as it applies to the ‘control use to pretend to oppose abuse’ tragedy of an ironic nature.

“We had been very encouraged, but then he was as bad as Bush—worse than Bush.”

That’s because the major political party conflict is merely an illusion to distract the seriously powerful public (when sufficiently organized) away from the fact that an oligarchy spanning the public and private sectors controls our nation and blends seamlessly with whatever governing powers form the international oligarchical turmoil apparently grossly poisoned by ample amounts of egotism — i.e. mental illness — with or without respect for constitutional limits of power, as they deem fit (limited sometimes by internal opposition during that turmoil).

“I like getting high,” he confessed—though he later amended that observation to suggest that cannabis simply improves his mood, it doesn’t intoxicate him. “I smoke every day, and at different times during the day,” he said. “I probably smoked before [this] interview. I smoked it before a lot of interviews—The New York Times, New York Magazine, and others.”

Skye added: “Before this is turned into a joke, understand that people don’t smoke to get high, as if they’re doing heroin or something like that. They smoke to feel better—to feel good. They’re not doing it to feel high…I’m not a pot addict. It’s my habit, but I smoke no more than any other average pot smoker.”

Putting aside the applicable vagueness of the word high (there are 40 definitions), and my casual (if not also amusing) curiosity from Mr. Skye’s statements about usage of the word “High” in his magazine’s name when “people don’t smoke to get high”, cannabis indeed has positive utility like coffee does — but extends well beyond the offering of that bean due to an oceanic availability of psychological symphonic styling for mentality filtration (logically even inspiring the forthcoming technological mentality protection and strengthening of the inevitably upcoming computerized brain).

Simply put, that filtration improves the mental stress signature or works against it — and that depends upon the user/abuser respectively. Cannabis use is a skill that’s easy to learn, but has an enormous branching of options in terms of expertise.

The next mainstream step for popular cannabis appreciation is the electronically vaporized Cheese strain (as continuously reinforced by the “Say Cheese” program of our Respect Cannabis campaign). Sure Jack Herer, Blue Dream, Grandaddy Purple (etc.) are brilliant strains, but Cheese offers a simply uplifting-yet-mainly-balancing wise sensation (without fancy textures — including dreamy effects, strobes, odd spatial distortions, etc.) that upon mild vaporization (e.g. 370 degrees of Fahrenheit temperature) is wonderfully wisely replacing the alcohol nightcap for civilized minded folks (cannabis at least scientifically suggestively protects and even improves neurology, but alcohol presses destructively at least beyond one drink).

Hopefully there are good members of oligarchical rule understanding the need to put a proper and prompt end to highly destructive law, and then capable of allying themselves to encourage public support towards pressing against the blatantly horrifyingly widespread and deep corruption “hidden” behind the judicial badge (that crushingly negatively affects good members of law enforcement too).

Respect Cannabis calls for a public intervention against prohibition addicts. Are you ready to join that completely justifiable call?

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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