Stress is the Cancer and Cure?

Prompted by “What Does the Future of Cannabis Cancer Therapy Look Like?”:

Please ride my thought train (we serve thought food and whatever thought else pleases you) towards why cannabis works so broadly and deeply well as medicine.

Scientists explore how reality works, and they remain focused upon leveraging the logic of mathematical languages (often with other experimental distinctions) to line up with reality’s results in hopes of advancing understanding.

Responsible entertainers express how reality works, and we sometimes remain focused upon leveraging scientific conclusions to line up the public with that understanding for the sake of advancing it beyond scientific distinction (and hopefully help generate funding for more science to keep the healthy cycle going).

This entertainer watched many science documentaries (sometimes repeatedly) for over two decades and counting. Brilliant scientific minds produced stunning results forming that understanding, and even simplified it for public consumption to make those documentaries. But there’s one place they sometimes go (when fit for them), though never remain due to their need for distinction to advance understanding.

If you ask the best physicists to provide one shred of science proving (even merely suggesting) an objective distinction exists where it’s perceived to be, they will be unable to comply (based upon my ample documentary consumption). They will bring up quantum uncertainty, virtual particles popping ephemerally in and out of existence, quantum entanglement (particle properties remain entangled — even over long distances in a way that observing one such particle automatically causes the other one miles away to surprisingly correspondingly untangle), and basically describe particle distinction as fuzzy.

They will likely talk about the Double Slit experiment showing a stream of particles unintuitively behaving as waves, but upon observance, then oddly collapsing the wave function to form familiar particle distinction.

They will sometimes say it’s all energy, but then understandably retreat back into particle/wave duality when necessarily convenient for them to achieve mental grasping.

Claiming reality is all energy spiritually fits for many people (those who meditate), but it’s no longer just a spiritual claim.

It’s actually a hardcore scientific one.

The wave function does not collapse (as many scientists believe), but the observation seamlessly forms a particle resonance (i.e. brain wave energy currents resonate seamlessly with the observed particle to form subjective distinction). I say that with such certainty, because there’s no other logical choice — even the popular collapsing wave function doesn’t make sense in a demonstrable ocean of energy from humanity’s perspective. We can even see this resonance at our normal scale. If you focus upon something, then it obviously resonates in your mind.

Einstein taught us all that mass and energy are the same — mass is highly condensed energy that upon destabilization produces a huge nuclear explosion. Physicists forming the Standard Model tell us forces of nature are particulate (photons for electromagnetism, etc.), so they even recognize that forces are physical energy.

The baseless belief in objective distinction is why science doesn’t yet explain medical cannabis’ broad and deep accomplishments.

If you stop believing in objective distinction (and you logically should), and accept that any distinction only exists within the energy currents forming your brain — then it all makes sense and fits perfectly (not to mention you can control subjective distinction like a complex mental volume knob to your advantage).

You’re a subjectively defined being of pure energy. Health is all about best tuning your energy signal to flow right. Anyone with a car understands what happens if the flow of the engine isn’t right (car breaks down).

While scientists distinguish four forces, they’re all ultimately one force — stress.

Only using the physics definition of stress, that means stress and change are synonymous. As energy never settles, stress (change) is what health and even subjective reality is all about.

In literally 100% of the many trillions of known systems, balance is required for stability. This is why meditation is excellent for health. It allows your energy signature to relax into its core flow (like a car running smoothly).

While healthy stress exercises your human functioning to keep the signal flowing maximally strong until death does your body seamlessly collapse like a wave at the beach (or diffuse gently, or such) — with all of that bodily energy seamlessly returning to the energetic ocean of reality to perhaps form the next “life wave” (e.g. reincarnation) — unhealthy stress causes distortions in your complex flow.

By complex flow, I mean the scientifically estimated trillion cells in your body and the many more particles forming those cells (you’re one seriously complex “car” even merely within human perception — which reality enormously demonstrably transcends, hardcore scientifically speaking — dark matter, dark energy, many unperceivable dimensions, perhaps boundless multiverse, etc.)

By distortions, I mean inflammation that causes blockages against healthy human form (i.e. healthy energetic human flow). The longer the inflammation lasts, the worse the damage, because of the increasing buildup and rippling effects.

The Placebo effect is scientifically affirmed. The mind is the conductor of health, so the psychological effects of cannabis are often key towards medicinal benefit. Not because cannabis is a “sugar pill” (placebo), but because cannabis (like all psychedelics) tunes the energy waves forming your mentality in a seriously powerful way (or extremely gently mild way, or anywhere between in an inconceivably oceanic set of styles, if preferred).

At least hypothetically speaking, if you use a misfitting strain (or combination of them) at the wrong intensity (very easy to do during Cannabis Prohibition due to severe limits against proper strain selection), then that tuning becomes dissonant (paranoia, headaches, dizziness, etc.)

However, if you choose the right “cannabis music” (like actually choosing pleasing music), the result massages at least the brain to form human harmony (positive impact on health).

Cancer is apparently such an energetic distortion.

Those distortions probably (if not logically certainly) come from a serious societal imbalance (so instability) that still remains fallaciously and broadly promoted as righteous — the common idea that healthy living means work more for productivity, and relax less merely to pause that productivity.

However, work can be unproductive (e.g. landscaping in a hurricane, destroying something you need, etc.), and relaxation can be productive — the body works to heal as you relax, and settling your energy flow into its most natural idle state is productive for your health.

If you want the violence, disease (including powerfully destructive mental illnesses such as egotism), and other abuses (distortions) — including drug abuse — to be minimized, you (and society at large) must work and relax healthily to guide society towards understanding the need for individual (so naturally societal) balance between a healthy work ethic and a healthy relaxation ethic.

While mild cannabis can work well during a healthy work ethic (e.g. can stably work against negative emotions), cannabis can also be truly brilliant during the relaxation ethic (when natural healing processes are still absent due to anxiety issues, etc.)

Civilized minds will easily prefer the mildly and electronically (so consistently) vaporized experience of responsible (stable) feeling strains (e.g. Cheese) over the destabilizing effects (including inhibition removal and cellular destruction) of alcohol. Once cannabis legality meets those civilized minds, the nightcap will forever be transformed, and the undeniable (and then experienced) power of cannabis will fully transform society. Alcohol companies are forewarned to leverage their positive brand recognition now to avoid bankruptcy.

The “cannabis drunk” comes from recklessly throwing dissonant strains (e.g. “wrecks”) into a bowl (edible, concentrate, etc.) and consuming high intensities of that result (e.g. many bong hits). This is where responsible entertainers need to insert the corresponding warning against recklessly abusing cannabis naturally into their expressions for public contribution (think product placement, but not to sell products, but surreptitiously — and not lamely — educate minds for positivity). How do you teach the ignorant? Teach them in a way they don’t even know they’re learning (i.e. entertain them — including entertainingly educating them).

Keeping your energy currents (stress signature) flowing right is what stress is all about.

If you’re working more than relaxing, your stress levels become problematic, and the distortions (e.g. incompetency, illness, etc.) ripple against other individuals’ stress signatures. If the problem gets severe (it already has at the societal level), then an enormous burden upon the healthcare system emerges (it already has).

Drug abuse is most certainly not sourced at the availability of some drugs, so the war on some drugs (which ironically applies enormous unhealthy stress throughout the public) is demonstrably pathetic, despite the mainstream media’s all-but-complete refusal to journalistically ethically ask the tough questions regarding prohibition legitimacy during reports of escaped cartel leaders, opioid “epidemics”, etc. — e.g. Are “We the taxpayers” spending billions of dollars annually on the war on some drugs getting any solidly proven benefit from Certain Drug Prohibition? The answer is resoundingly, “No, but there is solidly proven mass harm from that war.”

Now go back and line up everything I wrote in this post with at least the prompting article (and your life), and you will see that cannabis is a seriously flexible tuning agent (that flexibility being why cannabis is so powerfully effective in so many ways for worst through best — the latter easily achieved upon proper use).

My hypothesis is cannabis kills cancer cells without killing healthy ones, because the healthy ones are already in tune with the psychological symphony partially formed by cannabis influence.

That hypothesis extends to demonstrate (in part via my “caregivee” doing really well despite diagnosis of the disease) why cannabis scientifically suggestively works against Alzheimer’s disease — so is the only drug known to work (even if only scientifically suggestively and anecdotally) against the disease (something the mainstream media, and even AD organizations, refuse to express yet on behalf of the millions of people suffering from this deadly disease).

That’s already a lot of reading, but there are three other fitting destinations, if you want to keep going to absolute depth…

1. Reality Waveform theory — my proposed “theory of everything” fully logically showing that scientists have already discovered the fundamental and sole pattern of observable reality (a sine wave cycle). Scientists should give my theory a read, because (for example) the theory validates Einstein’s instincts against quantum physics, without defying the tried-and-experimentally-true conclusions of quantum physics, and offers a technological method towards getting beyond current quantum uncertainty (hint: additive synthesis, as inspired by my academic understanding of sound synthesis from Berklee College of Music).

2. Respect Cannabis — my nascent campaign to fill in the gaps of the current ‘intentional perception alteration’ movement (e.g. drug policy reform). This campaign is important (at least imho) to much more promptly end the ‘drug war’, but a serious challenge due to serious conflict of legal remedy (regulations are not the right solution, as terribly popularly believed and implemented, but liberty by actually obligatory American law and effective education properly fit).

3. Liberty Shield — my nascent ‘open source’ project proposing a fully logical base for better language (constructing, combining, and leveraging certainties), so better law and health (including a bold proposal against that serious conflict against conventional wisdom involving law and risk). This project is excellent for people interested in American law, but logically extends well beyond that area for societal benefit against abusive law defined by unethical favoritism.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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