Realistic Psychedelic Spirituality

Prompted by “Psychedelics in American Religious Experience”:

“Fifty-one years ago, a massive 9.2 Richter scale earthquake shook Alaska. At the same time, Wally Pahnke was experiencing another sort of earthquake. It was Good Friday and the Harvard graduate was having his first experience with a high dose of an experimental drug called LSD.”

“As the drug took effect Pahnke first became aware of his core self — not the usual self that worried about the opinions of others or what-to-eat — but a ‘core stripped bare of all pretense and falseness…'”

Reality clearly demonstrates a rich complexity (and pure simplicity) capable of reaching a profound degree — well beyond our conscious grasp.

In a certain relevant light, there are two groups of people:

1. People believing in objective distinction (i.e. a distinction can/does objectively exist where perceived to be).

2. People allowing the mainstream physics conclusion that reality is a boundless and seamless ocean of energy from humanity’s perspective form their experience, so any distinction is purely subjective. Reality is objectively an undefinable extreme (where nothing and everything meet to become purely equal without possible relativity), but the oceanic view has scientific application (because all human beings can only honestly perceive that oceanic effect due to the limits of perception).

The latter group has a serious advantage due to mainstream scientific accuracy that also feels flawlessly right (at least imho with a healthy confidence that you share in that sensation upon joining that group).

The latter group understands that reality is purely physical to the most spiritual degree (i.e. the distinction between body, mind, and spirit is subjective).

That understanding teaches us that all information is energy (because all information is physical), so modulates in all possible ways. That modulation can easily defy the rigid human definition of that information based upon objective distinction. For example, a human being is often defined as a collection of cells objectively distinct from anyone/thing else, so incapable of modulating wildly away from the confines of that definition.

Psychedelics are psychological symphony filters that — while not directly affecting all parts of the brain — run the full net-resulting mental processes through them for worst through best.

The best end of that spectrum includes spiritual positivity, which is basically another way of experiencing reality’s extreme power (limited only by its own need for balance) in a positive way without conscious grasp. Reality itself becomes your best friend and protector at that moment with an indescribably harmonious signature.

Putting aside the inevitable balancing cost for that positivity (we must all tread very carefully when it comes to euphoria) where reality for self-preservation needs to balance out that positive experience with the opposing one, psychedelics can play a powerful and positive role in this regard.

As I watch society broadly report its problems (including the unhealthy stress epidemic inaccurately described as an opioid addiction one), the most noticeably missing problem is the serious mental illness known as egotism. I’ve never seen anything reported by the mainstream media regarding the horribly devastating impact from egotism against public safety (reporting a ‘Just say no to egotism’ campaign, or such).

Combine that illness with powerful human influence (broad and deep dominance upon the public), and we see the ignition of wars, famines (and other facets of poverty), genocide, rape, persecuting law, and probably too much tragically more forming the human tear.

“Ego death is a ‘complete loss of subjective self-identity.'” — Ego death Wikipedia entry

The greatest conflict in life is the one between the subjective being and objective one (reality itself). The latter group understands that conflict is part of reality’s modulation, because the subjective being is a subjectively defined set of energy currents. Ultimately, reality wins that conflict, but since there really is no distinction, there really is no conflict.

While I understand ego death and the positive intention behind it (basically to uproot egotism for a healthy society), subjective self-identity is clearly a seamless part of objective reality. Purely without subjective self-identity logically means no seeking even the basic elements of survival — air, water, food, and shelter — so ego death is logically actual death (trying not to confuse things by pointing out that death itself is a subjective distinction by scientific consistency).

As such, promoting ego death (instead of responsible ego maintenance) makes no sense, and will not win the ‘hearts and minds’ of the populace needed to end the seriously tragic ‘war on most psychedelics’ — a perpetually dominating group of people demonstrably (if not also passionately) believing survival instinct is legit.

The brain is a muscle, and like all other muscles, it needs to be exercised to avoid unhealthy rigidity (e.g. being “set in my ways” regardless of completely sound reasoning against those ways). It needs to be massaged and carefully maintained in all other possible ways. In a reality demonstrating the supreme power of balance for stability, that means a healthy relaxation ethic (including a meditative core) to balance with the more commonly expressed (and more dominantly promoted to create a powerful societal imbalance forming the aforementioned unhealthy stress epidemic) healthy work ethic.

While psychedelics are never a panacea, because they can impress an unhealthy (misfitting) stress signature (psychedelics are not automatic feel-good drugs for worst through best), they can (upon proper use) powerfully, easily, and predictably massage the brain to loosen up unhealthy rigidity (while protecting the brain from within-skull stressors like the Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar radiation — i.e. raise awareness of that meditative core). The result is not ego death, but tempering the survival instinct to understand that unhealthy dominance by excessively prioritizing the desires of this lifetime by aggressive force against the health of humanity (and beyond) is stupid, because of the resulting need for balance by the demonstrably supreme reality (all dominance is fully paid for, so reckless dominance is truly pitiful and idiotic, logically speaking — a message that needs public resonance to even the youngest understanding minds throughout posterity).

That hardcore scientific supremacy comes from the experimentally proven fact that time is a spatial dimension, which means the future and past are happening now in the same way that a source and destination both still exist while traveling between them. Since reality obviously still exists (e.g. your experience), no future place kills reality, so reality is literally forever dominant, according to mainstream science.

Traveling with psychedelics (e.g. cannabis) starts with a ‘music store’ containing an unimaginably huge set of psychological filtration options that can be singly consumed, or even combined to form (optionally much) more psychedelic texture and depth (sigh, upon legality — which is why I often post about law these days — and added politically relevant tags to this post), so the user can choose the most-fitting experience for the moment (think set and setting). That ‘music’ can flow gently in the mental background (e.g. from electronic vaporization at a low-enough temperature setting), so lightly massaging in mental support without defying healthy inhibition, orientation, and disciplines, or (possibly amazingly and respectably even still without that defiance, and unlike alcohol drunkenness) can blast the user to the extreme point of experience (e.g. DMT breakthrough — often described similar to a near-death experience) where the passage of time is literally absent, and where informational energy modulates so wildly, one of all spiritual descriptions is experienced to overwhelming awe and gradually flowing back to humanity. Psychedelics most certainly are not merely ‘alcohol plus’ or “dope”, and note that DMT is naturally produced in your body for reasons not yet experimentally confirmed.

Spiritual energy is modulating information well beyond the traditional experience of the human brain, and that conclusion logically brings spiritualists together to resonate harmoniously as one with reality itself (on the one hand — we’ll avoid talking about the dissonant payback hand necessary for balance here). Whether animal spirits, angels and demons, gods from the sky, and so on, the common ground is the informational energy one.

The great facilitator of awareness of the informational energy (upon proper use) is the class of psychological symphony filters known as psychedelics.

That enormous flexibility offers experiences that greatly pronounce the modulating possibilities of informational energy. While abusers of psychedelics inclusively fight that wildly deviating modulation from normal definition out of fear (and likely cause mental harm), the meditative user can travel wondrously through that astonishing psychedelic perception alteration without fear, while focusing upon meditative breathing as perhaps needed like a mental yoga pose to maintain balance for stability (so survival).

Psychedelics are an excellent class of “brain clothing” that logically inspires the logically forthcoming computer-enhanced brain to bring even more options in terms of duration, volume, and styling of mental protection.

As mainstream society uses psychedelics responsibly and discovers their invaluable quality, “reefer madness” (and such) disappears into the class of pathetic (including selfish) persecutions throughout history.

On behalf of the significantly large number of non-violent people (based upon popularly reputable government statistics) suffering from yet another failed drug prohibition, it’s coincidentally time to now loosen up the unhealthy mental rigidity sustaining that failure, and wisely adapt by ending that ‘certain drug’ war in favor of the unhealthy stress ‘war’ most logically needed for better survival of (at least) our species.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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