Reign In the Cannabis Dose

Prompted by “New York State to Require Strict Dosing Rules for Medical Marijuana”:

“When New York State releases the five much-coveted licenses to grow and sell medical marijuana next month, a series of strict requirements on dosing will be part of the package, unlike the majority of states with legal medical cannabis.”

“We’ve had legal cannabis for over 17 years in California, and we have zero usable clinical data, because it’s got to be pegged to a dose…”

If you’ve kept up with my work around here, you’re ready for my ‘regulations harm people’ wave, but surprises are nice and you get that point — scientific constitutionalism is at least worth pondering for ‘reason abuse proof’ law, but let’s explore another path here…

“PalliaTech seems to be prepared for New York’s strict rules with its patented PT 1000 medical device—a smokeless, single-dose delivery system, capable of metered dosing of plant and cannabinoid oils.”

“Doctors do not give you a bag of heart medicine in powdered form and say, ‘See how this works.’ They have to treat to the dose response curve…”

“Bogulubov believes that dosage requirements could lead to a new era of marijuana big data that could change the way we think about cannabis.”

Anyone who read my Respect Cannabis campaign basics (specifically the Actual Education section) can read a fully logical crushing of literally any sanity in believing that science involving the psychological impact of cannabis is anything but junk science these days.

Among other unscientifically applied factors (intake method and amount), failing to factor in the critical strain differential is pathetic when psychological impact matters.

The overwhelming number of rapidly evolving strains — and the ability to mix and match (i.e. “salad”) those strains — means the set of psychological filtration possibilities is truly oceanic, and since the amplification of those effects can be seriously mild (like softest possible background music) to wildly loud (like intensely blaring and brain-consuming music driving the user’s perception of reality), we’re talking about even many more possible experiences by way of varying amplification.

While that scares traditional western medical professionals traditionally unaware of such variety — and sadly the medical importance of the flexibility that only comes from that vast variety for worst through best — they have a legitimate point on the one hand.

On the other hand, cannabis (medical and recreational) is truly an art. Those carefully building a strain archive (like a painting palette) will be able to pick from a complex set of strain options for maximal flexibility — so find the best fit for that user at that moment. That individualistic power is amazing upon proper use (think self-controlling the Placebo effect for maximal health), and terrifying upon reckless abuse (e.g. anyone taking a whole bunch of randomly grabbed strains — especially ‘wreck’ ones — and slamming many bong hits to the point of cannabis drunkenness, or hitting the concentrates really hard to reach a similarly highly mental dissonance at serious risk).

Despite its general absence of popularity, the “Puffit X” vaporizer (that looks like an asthma inhaler) is arguably the best medical device for people unfamiliar and unappreciative of cannabis culture (e.g. those people brainwashed to buy into reefer madness for several decades, but now medically need that “dope”). It’s chamber is small enough to apply the small pinch of flower material usually needed or desired by responsible users (medical and recreational), and it has a precise temperature dial to ensure accurate compound dosage. The manufacturer disclaims that device is not medical grade (the inhaler look is merely cosmetic), but I maintain that device should be updated to become medical grade.

Humanity draws lines (that’s really all we do). From identifying food/drink to family/friends to forming rules for home/business/games to laws, society draws boundaries and too often expects people to strictly adhere to them (choose your side, instead of righteously choosing whole truth). That’s despite the complete absence of any science even suggesting those boundaries actually exist where perceived to be (i.e. reality is an ocean of energy from humanity’s perspective, mainstream physics speaking). Cannabis (for worst through best) blurs those lines during experience (e.g. can modulate energy forming information in stunning ways) and logically blurs the following lines drawn upon analysis of medical and recreational effectiveness (the art of science).

That naturally healthily leads users to honestly challenge conventional wisdom — i.e. well-established lines — which leads to innovations for species-level adaptation for survival. By challenging lines from being ‘set in your ways’ (like excessively stiff muscles that actually are dangerous in this completely and continuously flowing reality), cannabis can easily and nicely (in usage waves) break up that unhealthy rigidity (basically like a deep tissue massage).

Turning towards strain distinction, Blue Dream is a wonderfully popular strain (and upon recreational legality, will be a wonderful part of my strain palette), but I maintain the dream effect is likely (if not logically certainly) unsuitable for medical purposes (especially in the case of dementia, which already prompts the risk of hallucinations).

I anticipate the day when professional strain description services (e.g. the wonderful Leafly) no longer simply describe a strain as cerebral, euphoric, etc. — vague terms that reveal nothing about the important distinctive psychological texturing — but find better ways to ‘sample a strain’ prior to use.

My prediction is the Audio Sculpting Age which I’m working hard to stir into the public mix, and which leverages the highly detailed spatial effects sculpting probably unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, and which is my primary schtick as proven by my following two examples of such highly detailed audio work…

…will eventually allow people to listen to the effects of a specific strain (or salad of them) prior to purchase and use.

Cannabis (and psychedelics in general) bring serious psychological power to the masses. Like any power, benefit comes from proper use, while harm comes from abuse. Fortunately, it’s easy to teach people the basics to prevent the latter in the “land of the free”. That land is where community leaders are not supposed to be able to lawfully determine what use is legal or not. See the unalienable right to liberty and ample historical evidence matching our Founding Father’s intent against law abuse, despite the still-exacerbating pre-American conservatism across the political spectrum opposing that legitimate intent even after over two centuries of national being. Removing blatantly corrupt law involving certain drugs to then properly educate the public (including responsible entertainers reaching out to their audiences) about the basics of use versus abuse in general (hint: it’s all about stress) is a huge part of what my nascent Respect Cannabis campaign is lawfully about.

If you like my apparently uniquely fresh approach, please help by spreading the Respect Cannabis word. That word involves proper application of law, education, and science for maximum health from intentional perception alteration in general.That word runs deep upon reading the basics, but is growing from that seed to encompass an upcoming wide assortment of simple and fun images, and likely a whole lot more (including ample opportunities to apply your special social groove). I even made the first t-shirt…

Simply put, feel free to find your link(s) above, and dive into the universes that I’ve arduously meticulously sculpted for over two decades and counting with little public reach, so we powerfully help bring science and art to proper remedy.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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