LSD Frat Man

Prompted by “Scientists Say That LSD For Breakfast Will Make You Have A Great Day”:

“Some circles, including a popular Reddit forum, advocate the use of LSD in tiny doses, known as ‘micro-dosing’ and Dr. James Fadiman, who has researched psychedelics throughout his lifetime, claims, ‘Micro-dosing turns out to be a totally different world. As someone said, the rocks don’t glow, even a little bit. But what many people are reporting is, at the end of the day, they say, That was a really good day. You know, that kind of day when things kind of work. You’re doing a task you normally couldn’t stand for two hours, but you do it for three or four. You eat properly. Maybe you do one more set of reps. Just a good day. That seems to be what we’re discovering.'”

Here’s part of the sarcastic response by the kind of mentality responsible for defining your liberty…

“I’ve never done LSD but I don’t see how I can go on without it. I’ve been looking for that little kicker to get my life on track, turns out LSD is exactly what I’ve needed. I get bored of blogging by like 3 PM, not on LSD. I eat every meal like it’s 3 AM and I’m a frat boy, not on LSD.”

People having positive experiences on mild amounts of psychedelic drugs (e.g. someone close to me so far successfully opposing Alzheimer’s disease) understand the truth — psychedelics are the ‘mental leaf covering the crotch’ (i.e. the beginning of clothing technology — for the mind to protect from within-skull stressors).

That frat boy thinks he’s smart, but demonstrates the contrary. At some point, while psychedelic legality continues its rising recognition (led by cannabis, which also is excellent as a vaporized ‘micro-dose’), enough people will learn how to use psychedelics to strengthen survival odds to open the psychedelic floodgates (like the fall of the Berlin Wall). Even military personnel (not just given questionable amounts of carelessly crafted psychedelic signatures as happened in the past) and members of law enforcement will realize that alcohol for positivity (e.g. one as a stress-relieving nightcap, or optionally more for partying splash) is relatively retarded and righteously intelligently going the way of the dinosaur — one alcoholic beverage during dinner will likely stick around, but the alcohol industry can only be wise to position their established recreational drug branding to the returning psychedelic front for competitive advantage, and avoid fighting against that continuously pressing front.

I would love to find a fighter of equal skill to the “frat boy” (if they fight sober, a draw likely occurs). That boy would be buzzed-through-drunk on alcohol (i.e. still capable of throwing a punch). The other fighter would be on equal mental pressure of ‘Hoffman grade’ LSD. Both would be experienced users of their drugs. The boy selects whatever drinks desired, and the LSD user chooses the precise psychedelic signature for the job. They would fight, and logic dictates that boy would quickly get the ever living crap kicked out of him, because LSD reinforces mental stability (upon properly selected signature — alcohol is always disorienting) and doesn’t hinder responsible exercise (mental or otherwise for the experienced user).

When the “A-types” finally realize that psychedelics are vastly superior, the retarded laws by “frat boys” through “frat guys” will be promptly and concisely crushed by “frat men” and “sorority women” (or what have you without gender bias).

When computers disappear into the brain, their mental protection capabilities will likely be inspired by psychedelic symphonies harmoniously protecting the mind like Earth’s magnetic field protects our species from solar radiation. Taking the crotch leaf to highly advanced mental clothing involves vastly superior control over the protective mental signature — including automatically modulating signatures reacting to unhealthy stress like noise-cancelling headphones quickly recording and inverting environmental audio to maximally produce phase cancellation.

Psychedelic users are understandably promoters of peace, so the thought of such a fight is ironically mentally dissonant.

However, this universe (a 14 billion year old explosion still accelerating galaxies apart right now, so still exploding and including us as part of that explosion) is a violent set of energetic fights for dominance, and one’s harmony (peace) can be another one’s dissonance (war) — classical music is not always more pleasing. The war on LSD needs the kind of peace treaty that actually works — the one backed by a “big respectable stick” at the ready against thugs.

I remain confident that responsible society will continue to get the message — society has been played for far too long in the “land of the free” — i.e. a metaphorical drunken punch by thugs spanning several decades and counting.

Whether exhausting those thugs by responsible shielding and/or counterstrike, the Psychedelic Renaissance is upon us for worst through best (the latter from proper use and teaching the public how to avoid abuse).

Because psychedelics bring us closer to the seamless actuality of our energy signatures within reality (hardcore scientifically speaking — it’s all energy), psychedelics naturally combat unhealthy egos to reduce the need for “big sticks” abusively leveraged for selfish compensation.

Logically speaking, psychedelics are part of the right path towards civility.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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