Learning to Fail?

Prompted by “The deafening silence: Magna Carta at 800”: https://interfluency.wordpress.com/2015/06/15/the-deafening-silence-magna-carta-at-800/

The following highlights where freedom proponents have been and the spirit they should continue to embrace. My words follow in that spirit to propose the logical path beyond that reach towards healthier posterity.

History shows us that the rights fought for at Runnymede, and whose recognition was wrested from King John on the battlefield and at the negotiating table, would have to be fought for over and over again. Magna Carta may be immortal—a document and a human achievement for the ages—but the powerful have not accorded its principles perpetual respect.

Why today’s near-total silence over Magna Carta? In the US, the groundwork has been laid for a state of exception by reason of a “war” vaguely defined, against no specific enemy, and of quasi-perpetual duration.

Magna Carta’s anniversary should be remembered, and its significance debated. It should be a moment for genuine questioning of the exercise of power in a constitutional republic, for an honest stock-taking of what is left of the ancestral liberties that the people must not allow to slip away out of some combination of apathy, distractedness, ignorance, and fear.

Let Magna Carta be honored, let Magna Carta be defended. Let it be criticized, let it be scorned as obsolete by those who see it that way. Remembered, studied, debated, … anything but ignored.

Freedom is not free.

Pressures to accumulate unhealthy amounts of resources and dominance not on the basis of survival needs (or even a healthy “thrival”), but a higher scorecard for bragging rights and other egotistical satisfaction — obviously with the belief that no fittingly agonizing consequences will emerge to crush fools — are bubbling frequent like boiling water in the halls of power at terrible risk against civility (obviously including public safety).

Logically speaking, the Rule of Reality (i.e. the inevitable scientific need for balance naturally governing us all within reality) provides adequately sharp incentive to invest excess resources to strengthen humanity’s survival odds, and to become honorably satisfied by all of the love and respect that naturally comes from such wisdom. To do otherwise is to face the literally ultimate leader (never capable of losing) in a manner not necessarily civilized (and with no righteous handhold), as negative dominance (e.g. rape, agonizing incurable disease, famine, horrible war scars, spike down into poverty, genocide, etc.) is demonstrably a part of reality’s need — so naturally logically bestowed upon those excessively and selfishly seeking comfort for themselves (experiencing positive dominance unintentionally begging for the sinking ship treatment).

That is not an empty threat (or necessarily relies upon religious embrace), but a scientific certainty unmentioned by the brilliant minds focused upon mathematical assessment and application.

Find one shred of science proving any system can be stable without balance (100% of the uncountable systems known to humanity — and the laws of physics — defy that finding).

Find one shred proving that any aspect of reality is anything but physical (including mind and spirit). Reality Waveform Theory offers plenty of evidence proving reality is capable of purely physically producing even all spiritual experiences unimaginably defying conscious grasp.

As a fitting aside, I’m not talking about proving a negative (which is impossible for all intents and purposes — I know an exception, but anger from religious sensitivity is not worth it), but the complete absence of even the tiniest positive hint.

Factor in another silent epiphany in the fact that no distinction has even been scientifically proven to exist where that distinction is perceived to be (all brains leverage subjective distinction for mental grasp, but have yet to realize those distinctions are simply modulating energy currents forming mental activity — it’s all energy), and the idea that death is the end of personal experience (a distinction) becomes purely scientifically baseless (i.e. idiotic against the smirks relying upon death to escape payment for their highly comfortable lifestyle).

Like an invisible predator capable of igniting worldwide war (if not much more into the cosmic extreme), humanity at large seems apathetically poised to be preyed upon once again, and while that may not lead to extinction, it could very well lead to unbearable suffering spanning the masses at any stature — bubbling frequent like boiling water at terrible risk against civility.

Scientific constitutionalism (i.e. upholding the Liberty Shield) is the only logical answer, because not only does it include the Rule of Reality as a logical guarantee that nobody is above the ultimate law (the only one that really counts, because reality is literally whatever happens), but continues the efforts of humanity towards defeating law abuse (the worst form of abuse due to its mainly broad scope of destruction) by way of totally publicly backed objective necessity prior to judicial application — and a natural road to continuously better understand harm, language, and health — and the vehicles of science and entertainment — i.e. education with student interest — all to improve the survival odds of our species and those we depend upon — all to better defend ourselves against that unavoidable predator fueled by reality’s need for balance.

Bend but don’t break speaks to that survival and defines learning to fail, while learning to succeed is understanding that lacking distinction means reality always succeeds, as do we all seamlessly within it when all is said and done — i.e. this moment.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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