Liberty Void Grows?

Prompted by “PATRIOT Act Renewal: Republicans Suddenly Think Big Government is No Problemo”:

“I just listened to Sen. Dan Coats, a Republican from Indiana and purported ‘Tea Party favorite,’ explaining on the Senate floor why opponents of warrantless spying are fools:

‘A portion of the public has been led to believe that big government is in their bedroom, it’s in their house, it’s in their car, it’s in their phone, it tracks them wherever they go, they’re collecting everything about yourself, what you buy at Costco, the movies you rent through Netflix…’

…I thought the Republicans were the ones who agreed big government was indeed a bad thing?”

Power is obviously all about leverage, and that leverage reveals no distinction between private and public sectors. Real fools include anyone still embracing nutshell politics:

‘Team blue’ (traditional political leftism) claims the public sector needs more power to oppose private sector abuse.

‘Team red’ (traditional political rightism) claims the private sector needs more power to oppose public sector abuse.

Meanwhile, the result of that power struggle (regardless of team color dominance) is more power for the oligarchy constituting both sectors, so less power for everyone else in the ever-growing and deeper entanglement forming a horrible legal nightmare recklessly emanating from that struggle — with unhealthy stress spreading amongst society in the form of excessive regulatory burdens (including taxation complexity and cost) that remain essentially publicly unreported to mass detriment, and merely questionably address private sector abuses that defy sufficient public exposure (i.e. proves no overall net-resulting reduction of unhealthy stress that equals societal harm).

It’s not ‘love it or leave it’ when it comes to our nation, but sadly where the hell is it?

We can find our national colors and symbols, but we cannot find our true borders (not just lines drawn on a map), and we cannot find our principles.

For over two hundred years and counting (apparently worsening with age), “We the people” have demonstrated no ability to understand the urgent priority in preventing the abuse of power itself, which is basically equal to preventing law abuse. That prevention, as anyone capable of reading our national Declaration of Independence can clearly understand, is the reason our nation even exists.

The masses need a liberty shield, and based upon scientific constitutionalism (a scientific method approach to leveraging verbal absolutes to form crystal clear lawful constructs — e.g. naturally given and unalienable right to liberty — for the sake of fairness, so justice), “We the people” are basically ignoring the liberty shield already in place (and apparently the first one ever formally nationally defined historically — i.e. actual progressivism combined with actual national conservatism).

The masses need to continuously earn that liberty shield, because the power of that shield is the result of the perpetual duty to properly publicly expose oligarchical corruption (the only enemy of corruption is sufficient public exposure).

Unable to precisely define harm (especially in terms of law) has been ironically seriously harmful. The overwhelming complexity of reality leaves harm operating like an untamed beast — one that even leverages laws proposed to prevent harm.

Liberty shield can only exist when everyone fundamentally understands that preventing law abuse is only possible by a purely applied unalienable right to liberty effectively insisting upon ‘safe until scientifically experimentally proven unsafe’ laws — not laws from the oligarchy subjectively (i.e. unfairly, so unjustly) defining harm by lawfully defining risk (with or without public support), so defining liberty (possibly, if not logically likely, to their selfish power-abusing preference and inevitably our national shame). Raising risk awareness is a matter of education (and never law) in a nation with an actual unalienable right to liberty.

My Liberty Shield basics offer a meticulously fully reasoned metaphorical deep tissue massage reaching from a purely logical foundation, so you can clearly see the absence of idealistic nonsense here in favor of a mature ‘grab the bull by the horns’ approach seriously addressing the problems of drawing hard-lines in a mainstream-scientifically confirmed and overwhelmingly complex ocean of energy that is reality. There is no objective distinction, but that’s not a good excuse to negate maximally scientifically defining harm for better laws (and naturally healthier living) to instead recklessly define harm too often by way of abusive favoritism (i.e. selfish dominance inevitably equaling mass harm).

The scientific method is the well-proven path towards better understanding reality, so better understanding ourselves. That method proved its worth by turning horrifying comets as godly messages of doom (etc.) into accurately predictable events negating that doom (and would be the only method allowing us to maximally protect society from collision with that actualized doom).

That method is needed for all technology, including that relied upon by any religion (from books/scrolls to clothing to buildings of worship to knives used to cut off the heads of infidels).

That method is needed for the increasing presence of computers, including devices ‘in your bedroom, in your house, in your car, in your phone, tracking you wherever you go, collecting everything about yourself, what you buy at Costco, the movies you rent through Netflix’ and much more due to popularly terribly convenient acceptance of that obviously serious societal risk. The oligarchy is more of a “Big Brother” than society apparently realizes, and going about our lives ignoring that sickening reach deeply against privacy is really foolish.

That method is needed for a healthy industry of pro-privacy devices capable of identifying any other device violating privacy and blocking that undesired data transmission (e.g. ensuring your “smart television” is not recording and transmitting your private conversation or other sounds and visions from private activity). The veil of national security is obviously important, but that importance depends upon equally recognizing the importance of the veil of personal privacy.

That method is needed to tame the aforementioned ‘harm beast’ by understanding the foolishness in allowing suggestive science (or anything less) to be a proper basis for liberty-infringing law.

That method is now needed for a credible rule-of-law — one that reigns in basically the same oligarchical abuses that ignited the American Revolution, or upon critical mass — ignite the next revolution to everyone’s harm (regardless of power status).

If we do not reverse course by prioritizing opposition against law abuse (as publicly safely as possible), we will never find our truest nation. We’ll keep exercising reason abuse to form law abuse and publicly present the illusion of that finding (i.e. foolishly embrace a national fantasy) until reality delivers its inevitably deadly corrective blow (in strict accordance with that method). We’ll allow the oligarchy to subject honorable law enforcement and military folks to horrible risk (too often with horrible results) solely to uphold that illusion.

That’s why I started Liberty Shield, and why I need to continue stirring up interest in scientific constitutionalism. Anything less defies not only patriotism (including continuing to help ensure those folks and their loved ones did not suffer or die in vein), but my responsibility outright.

My Liberty Shield entertainment (including educational) project — carefully innovatively leveraging the serious power of the Internet as the “pen” that can be mightier than the “sword” — is new and most certainly needs you.

By Liberty Shield’s very nature, there is no self-defeating conflict of interest (no reliance upon any other self-interest group), so a pure ‘open source’ effort to logically better understand liberty for better law and consequently better health (fully grounded in — and fully embracing the — scientific method, so unable to be usurped like the “Tea Party” movement was by traditional rightists). I just happened to be watching the live broadcast of the man on the stock-trading floor launching into his rant that actually started the Tea Party movement. While I don’t remember his words offhand, I appreciated the freshness and honesty of his expression that led to that movement, and Liberty Shield carries similar sentiment against serious corruption remaining unopposed for all intents and purposes.

I also added the “Ron Paul” tag to this post, because I remain perfectly confident that people passionately supporting Dr. Paul did so ultimately in the Liberty Shield spirit.

While freely sharing Liberty Shield content is certainly appreciated, all genuine causes start with securing proper resources. If you agree with our Liberty Shield basics, then feel free to exercise that belief upon reaching the end of those basics (e.g. subscribe to Liberty Shield for only $1 yearly), so we can expand Liberty Shield to send the powerfully right message to the real fools selfishly subjecting our nation to “muddy” ruin.

Only $1 yearly may not seem like much, but consider there are roughly 300,000,000 Americans that all have an honest interest in upholding the Liberty Shield for posterity (and Liberty Shield extends to logically spread accurately applied liberty worldwide, so greatly increasing the potential number of righteous supporters). Combine that consideration with yours truly working hard for financial discipline and a healthy humbleness (not greed, etc.) in a manner ensuring that a relatively small number of that group (even less than 1%) subscribing means ample resources.

I believe that most Americans want to fix the obvious national problem, but cannot form a unified consensus towards that fix. The scientific method is our only possible natural guide, because nobody can honestly disagree with the results (natural unification of honest folks).

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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