Beatle Steps on Weed

Prompted by: ‘nauseating news last evening’

It’s a chore watching the evening local and national/global news on a mainstream television channel, but it keeps me in tune with that apparently still popular medium for news reception amongst a sizable group forming the public mindset (and all of the liberty-infringing laws born from that mindset).

I was hoping for some perspective from pro-cannabis-legalization reporting outlets that I follow on the subject, but such relief is absent.

Tired and feeling the local news shone upon my mind, I could almost feel the self-gratifying (“unbiased”) smirk of the anchor (and supporting team players) when they reported that Sir Paul McCartney has quit cannabis, because he reportedly does not want to send the wrong message to his grandchildren. After the consequently unhealthy turn in my stomach over their declaration of the newsworthiness of that story, my cringe amplified a bit upon that story reaching the national/global segment of such worth.

Imagine if a popular musician decided to quit alcohol, not because of the seriously destructive quality of that drug facilitating risky behavior, but to send the right message to grandchildren. Would that make mainstream news?

Obviously a brilliant musician with a matching brilliant career, I have nothing against the musical legend’s decision in this case (daily cannabis use, especially when smoked to heavily pressing sensation, can wear a brain down), but his reported reasoning sent the wrong message not only to his grandchildren, but widespread throughout the mainstream television watching masses to reinforce a falsehood — cannabis use is harmful.

Even a pro-legalizer years ago started a sentence with, “While we know marijuana isn’t harmless…” We do?

That phrase launched my solid effort to find at least one piece of evidence proving that cannabis use is harmful. The result is the following statement pasted from my Respect Cannabis campaign basics

“Upon scrutiny of aforementioned prohibitionist claims against cannabis use (including following their citations to the actually-non-supportive and supposed science behind their tough-talking affirmations), I can safely state the fact that no experimental science proves any harm from moderate cannabis use. Moderate in this case means any use without objectively proven harm – as opposed to the suggestively possible harm from what appears to be science, but demonstrably fails to meet all of the key factors obviously required by the scientific method – intake method differential, precise intake amount, and strain differential.”

Those basics continue to fully logically destroy the notion of anywhere near the existence of worthwhile science involving psychological impact from cannabis use, but this post amplifies the role played by the mainstream media (that still plays too many people for fools) to support a highly destructive prohibition without even the tiniest shred of reasonably solidly proven and net-resulting societal benefit.

The news mentioned that star musician is okay with some alcohol though — and the tone of the anchor matched society’s understanding that a little alcohol is reasonable.

One main criticism against cannabis dating back years (at least in my experience) is the idea that alcohol is fine when consumed as a single beverage (healthy even), but cannabis is dope that can only blast someone into stupid land.

What mature adults in areas of cannabis legality have the opportunity to understand is that idea is ironically destructive.

Electronically vaporized cannabis (with precise temperature control) is a serious game changer.

My lawfully recommended starter strain (and the one used for my Alzheimer’s disease diagnosed “caregivee” to astonishing effect worthy of a soon-upcoming set of posts here) is a carefully expertly grown “Cheese” strain (“Che” at Leafly). The texture is simple (no modulations, especially wild ones, and no illusion-enhancing effect), with a healthily balanced mental structuring including a Zen-like sensation with a gently rising pressure. The strain softly performs like the Earth’s magnetic field, so helps with a positive absorption from harmful mental stressors to reign in unhealthy mental modulations apparently causing the inflammation leading to (the perhaps downward spiral of) mental disorder.

Using the lighter temperature settings, the cannabis effect can be minimal — even literally one tiniest step from sobriety, if desired. One glass of wine, at least in my experience, is even riskier in terms of effect. Alcohol disorients automatically. Granted that effect is relatively small upon the popularly reasonable one alcoholic beverage intake, but the effect is noticeable (again, at least in my experience) and lightly disruptive — I never want to work during or after that drink.

Alcohol kills brain cells, but (admittedly early and also suggestive) science reports that cannabis is apparently a neuroprotector (if not also neurogenerator). Instead of destroying cells, the psychological symphony from cannabis use (at least according to my hypothesis) respectfully presses upon the mind to massage unhealthy neural signaling for a resonating healthy boost — with no disorienting factor (responsible action important for boosting survival odds is greatly facilitated upon choosing mildly vaporized cannabis as a nightcap).

Mildly vaporized “Cheese” is an excellent path towards turning “Reefer Madness” on its hideously ironically maddening head. That path includes any mature adult enjoying a nightcap. Wine is fine, but cannabis is powerfully superior as a stress management tool, and even the sober-minded individual will likely find that mental stressors from being mentally naked are more harmful than appropriately timed and lightly consumed cannabis vapor of a responsibly structured strain (e.g. “Cheese”).

Publicly spreading misinformation (a form of reason abuse, or mockingly “Reason Madness”, which needs enough public addressing prior to being able to better manage society’s infusion of drug — including alcohol — abuse — i.e. truth is the path to dutifully alleviate unhealthy stress, the actual source of drug abuse) must be sufficiently publicly opposed.

This is where Stress Health (as an entertainment project meticulously innovatively built from scratch with the Internet in mind) has an awesomely serious advantage with respect to our Respect Cannabis campaign to negate reason abuse applied for wrongful agenda’s sake. Online entertainers do not need the mainstream media to be successful, but other individuals or groups do (the mainstream media is the entertainment layer for widespread expression — and that layer is obviously key towards gaining support, including necessary resources), so addressing the main problem of reason abuse to sustain drug prohibition abuse remains unmet (grossly slowing down the public exposure of the “slam dunk” case against that prohibition, while horribly exposing millions of ‘drug war’ victims to mass suffering in the outrageously slow process crushing against public safety).

Our goal is to grow the Respect Cannabis campaign online (and perhaps even offline) to shine a bright and fully truthful light that naturally exposes mainstream media corruption in the form of reason abuse intentionally applied for the sake of their conflict of interest from coupling tragic events to secure viewership (a powerfully publicly destructive practice that hopefully upcoming journalists will righteously terminate, at least for the sake of honoring their own journalism code of ethics).

Until reason abuse (relied upon for sustaining law abuse) has been properly publicly exposed (the only enemy of corruption is sufficient public exposure), we need to continuously press on that front (and grow our audience in the healthy process).

Respect Cannabis is a freshly fair-minded campaign addressing cannabis use and abuse to prevent the latter for worst through best. Your help in that respect (and helping others achieve that respect) is truly appreciated.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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4 comments on “Beatle Steps on Weed
  1. vaporninja says:

    “Electronically vaporized cannabis (with precise temperature control) is a serious game changer.”…. you said it.
    More power to you, I love reading your posts. You have the necessary passion to be doing this work. Kudos !


    • Spirit Wave says:

      Thank you very much. I love feedback, while trying to balance my many interests in a way that doesn’t antagonize our community’s informational reception. Along the cannabis front, an upcoming post (perhaps even today, if done right) starts my campaign to inform dementia sufferers to consider cannabis, because my success with an Alzheimer’s “caregivee” has been truly astonishing. Millions of lives may be saved.

      Liked by 1 person

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