Memorial Day

Prompted by: Memorial Day

Thank you to all members of the military who have lost their lives for public safety (obviously including yours truly and my loved ones), and to all loved ones dealing with the challenges accompanying that honorable sacrifice.

While not a warrior in the militaristic sense, I sometimes operate as an informational warrior (someone understanding that sometimes the “pen is mightier than the sword”) and risk my safety to challenge powerfully dominant conventional wisdom superficially forming the image of public safety, but demonstrably the opposite in practice to primarily serve relatively powerful self-interests.

The result of my serious path-paving effort is scientific constitutionalism, which brings the tried-and-true results from internationally applying the scientific method to improve technology to the area of constitutional law by way of establishing absolute language constructs (e.g. naturally given and unalienable right to liberty) to form fair (so just) law.

The need to protect honorable members at risk of dying in combat is paramount, and that starts with improving behavior. That improvement cannot be coerced by elitists launching military efforts (or subjectively defining risk to form liberty-infringing law) to protect elitist power entrenchment, but by educating society about the basics of abuse itself — especially starting with the Rule of Reality.

Not mysticism or pseudo/junk science by any measure, the Rule of Reality is a fully scientific conclusion matching reality’s need for balance to maintain its boundless stability — literally 100% of all known systems (considered living or not) from the largest through tiniest scales of the cosmos require balance for stability, and there is no reason to believe existence itself (logically the ultimate system) is any different, but there is ample evidence proving the contrary. The result is a naturally fundamentally governing force towards the inescapable correction of abusive behavior (there is no “free lunch” when it comes to being abusive).

‘Every action is an opposite and equal reaction’ is a fundamental law of physics (and a major piece of evidence supporting reality’s need for balance), and mainstream science only supplies evidence of a purely energetic reality (i.e. from humanity’s perspective, reality is an ocean of energy that seamlessly includes all of us). Prime examples of the purely energetic quality comes from Albert Einstein’s most famous equation (proving mass is highly condensed energy — e.g. nuclear weapon), particle/wave duality in quantum physics (i.e. particles act as waves), and string theory (a prominent theory stating a particle is a modulating string of energy).

What too many people still fail to learn (due to lacking education or a preference for the so-called liberty to be ignorant) is to cause suffering is to ultimately equally experience that suffering, so nobody truly gets away with murder (for prime example). Time has been experimentally repeatedly proven to be a dimension of space (to the extent one moves in familiar 3D space is the extent one slows down in time — the fourth spatial dimension — again with major posthumous thanks to Albert Einstein). That must mean all time exists simultaneously in one moment — this one. Full mental relaxation (what too many people erroneously conclude as “ignorance is bliss” in this case) is the sensation of that oneness (the ultimate peace due to the absence of literally any possible opponent). All possible future and past experiences are factually happening right now, so while an abusive person may not feel balancing suffering due to perceiving time as a flow, the resulting impact is actually simultaneous (and ripples justice within reality).

Abuse is a compensation mechanism against unhealthy stress, and we all engage in abuse, because nobody is perfect within reality. Fortunate people understand the Rule of Reality, so understand the need to most promptly adapt upon abusive exercise. Otherwise, the recklessly careless belief in escaping the suffering of abuse payment is like children foolishly watching the ocean deeply recede and dancing around happily upon the wet recently exposed land. The wise understand the looming tidal wave of correction, and conduct their lives in a manner to minimize that correction (responsibly suffer upfront to minimize their abusive ways, and learn a lot in the process).

Abuse itself never ends, although represents the prime choice for each one of us throughout our lives. The ‘lemon to lemonade’ approach is my preference, and it matches the righteous need to understand that abuse is an opportunity for humanity’s progress (e.g. my abuse prompts my involvement in helping other people better manage similar abuse throughout posterity). The other approach is a flavor of ignorance that begins the “bar tab” that must be collected by supreme force of existence itself in full accordance with the need for stability.

No future moment ends reality, as confirmed by your experience.

Death in a seamless energetic existence is not scientifically confirmed to be the end of personal experience (i.e. no boundary has ever scientifically been confirmed with the best quantum physicists describing particle separation as fuzzy and uncertain). Death — as with any boundary inevitably drawn via the energy construct of the human mind — is subjective.

Energy is not just a resource to power our technology, but the entirety of existence from humanity’s view. Energy efficiency is not limited to technological processes, but literally everything involving survival. My confidence strongly rests with scientists (and everyone else) understanding that abuse is equal to energy inefficiency, so progress becomes tied to energy efficiency in general (stress management — using the physics definition of stress, which is simply one body distorting another body, or in the case of the righteously purely energetic mindset, one current pressing upon another current).

As the past (for prime example) is happening now, and mental thoughts are purely physical ripples throughout space (including time), I offer my best prayer (and hope you will all join me) for all of the honorable people throughout all wars (past, present, and future) with the understanding that a seamless reality means they all come home safely.

Even though I have never known anyone dying in combat, I can honestly state my inability to hold back my tears accompanying this authorship, while understanding the Rule of Reality can only agree with that truth.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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