Roll Professional Medical Dice

Prompted by “Conventional Medicine Is The Leading Cause Of Death In The US”:

Putting humanity aside, and unless another species has medical technology that I’m unaware of, a member of any other species is doomed upon the inability to self-heal.

Science basically supplies a member of humanity with a bonus opportunity to perhaps bypass that doom and extend life.

However, while there are brilliant medical professionals refusing to deviate from their ‘do no harm’ ethic to help people (and hopefully those will be the people helping me and my loved ones upon medical need), conflict of interest is not absent within the healthcare system. If you think trusting a new mechanic is challenging, because they have an opportunity to tell you about all sorts of problems with your car (that may not end up being competently fixed, if they even exist), replace the car with yourself — and your doctor becomes the mechanic.

The risk is palpable.

I always remain on the fence with respect to honoring statistics, because they always remain questionable (at least from my perspective) and certainly can be easily manipulated — if I rely upon stats, only those relied upon by my debate opponent will meet my reliance. All of the claims made in the prompting article may be accurate, but that is not the thrust here.

Abusing power by conflict of interest is a running theme at least within my journal (I do plan on offering other content, but my passion still presses here for now), because the unhealthy stress caused by that broad (and perhaps even deep) abuse is the primary problem in society, sensibly speaking. Poverty and drug abuse are two main examples of that problem.

As long as people believe they can get away with abusive behavior (and wow do they ever), that humanity-threatening power abuse and its horrible outcome will not change (including a healthcare system that will likely never improve, regardless of government entrenchment).

Science answers that calling too, but the world busily flows almost completely without understanding that a ‘wrath of God’ (if you will) exists at the mainstream scientific level, fully logically speaking.

I call it the Rule of Reality, and simply put, due to the balance needed by literally every system (with mainstream science only able to prove that reality itself — i.e. existence itself — also meets that need), a collection of matter (e.g. a person) cannot screw over another collection of matter (e.g. someone else) and permanently get away with it. I could go into the details — and have in previous posts — but improving brevity is one of my journal goals.

Of course, scientists are not focusing upon that conclusion these days. Among larger level focuses in biology and such, they are buried in particle physics to find the graviton (force particle of gravity), other field particles similar to the Higgs Boson, advancing String theory, exploring the universal signs that our universe is part of the multiverse (perhaps an infinite number of universes, at least according to one well-known mainstream scientist — Dr. Michio Kaku), and other ‘above the fundamental’ efforts.

They rarely (if ever) leverage certainties by strict verbal meaning, but instead remain focused upon the language of mathematics, which has fundamental limits (at least based upon Reality Waveform theory — with its verbal logic that literally includes all mainstream scientific discoveries — and what would pleasantly amaze any honorable scientist — wonderfully including validating Einstein’s instincts against quantum physics, without sacrificing the tried-and-true results of quantum physics). Seriously, the scientific community really needs to discover Reality Waveform theory, even though authored by yours truly (an entertainer), because its validity would logically launch the most pressing scientific advancement. I’m not being pretentious (or suffer from an unhealthy ego). I was naturally compelled to sacrifice a lot within my life to achieve the “theory of everything” (including no family to raise), a result of simply having a unique position in life (not a better position).

Apparently the only difference between Reality Waveform theory and String theory (the latter scientifically proclaimed to be the likely “theory of everything” these days) is the prior offers the logical consistency that all of reality is energetic (so purely sinusoidal — the sine wave is the pattern literally forming all of reality from humanity’s perspective — basically think ‘extreme Fourier analysis’), including space itself (no longer considered a vacuum by mainstream scientific standards btw), so dimensionality (what leading String theory fixes at 11 dimensions) modulates — that modulation includes the number of dimensions, their size, and any other property escaping my offhand. The Rule of Reality is reinforced by Reality Waveform theory (which is dominantly the combination of mainstream scientific discoveries with verbal certainties to fill in the gaps — all of them, if the theory is scientifically valid).

Spreading the Rule of Reality is my primary goal, because perpetual mature observance by reality itself (with stupidity being the only possible contrary upon ignoring that observance) will prevent human beings from further believing they can abuse the masses and get away with it (and grant the masses the understanding that their suffering must also thankfully meet reality’s undeniable compensation, which scientifically validates hope). The result is a serious win for our species, so worth the fringe effort here (especially since I never need pseudo/junk science, or any other questionable construct).

When you read my journal, you are joining me on a multi-faceted exploration beyond the frontier of conventional wisdom (the Rule of Reality is one facet, but at least arguably the primary one) — an arduous journey beginning roughly a couple of decades ago (e.g. it took a long time and a lot of science documentary watching for this entertainer to find perfect confidence in globally proposing Reality Waveform theory as the actual theory of everything — the one all scientists remain unaware of due to my fringe operation — though I have ‘preferably entertaining’ plans to change that unacceptable position).

My deepest hope is the complete set of details (no reason abuse here) forming my reasoning will convince you to join me to spread the Rule of Reality to fundamentally and naturally radically improve human behavior (and even have fun doing so — “There are some things so serious you have to laugh at them.” – Niels Bohr).

Abuse will never disappear, but individual understanding of automatic correction upon that abuse intelligently necessitates best self-effort to minimize that abuse as the primary survival choice — eliminating the horrible mass destruction from reckless abuse by way of believing the possibility (if not getting off on the possibility) of getting away with it.

At the very least, you can join me in leveraging that understanding to improve your life, critically noting that your abuse is also a seed of opportunity (your experience can help other people). That improvement reduces your harm, so your need for medical risk.

That improvement reduces society’s harm (albeit only if possible — tragedy is inherent within reality), so increases the safety in rolling the professional medical dice for us all fwiw.

The Rule of Reality is the stabilizing and fundamental logic needed for the best systems of health (and governance btw).

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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