Stop Seizing Cannabis

Prompted by “Study: Parents Report CDB Extracts Reduce Seizures in Children”:

Certain drugs have been demonized for decades as “dope”.

Actuality has obviously deviated from that demonic conclusion in many (if not all) cases. Sure misfitting drug intake causes mental dissonance that is obviously problematic, and sure a perpetual and max-reaching ‘do not eat the poison berries’ warning makes educational sense.

However, there is a serious misalignment between the “poison education” and so-called dope (a.k.a. “poison berries”). That misalignment is responsible for ruining millions (if not billions) of lives over the past several decades of wielding law extremely broadly against certain drug use, so that misalignment is the actual “poison” in terms of public priority, and so egregious of a misalignment, that the sensible goal of addressing drug abuse (including unethically arbitrarily legal drugs such as alcohol) has been negated in effect to serious societal detriment for all intents and purposes.

Of course, the big secret (thankfully continuing to press towards supreme public awareness due apparently mainly to the Internet being naturally leveraged to spread obvious truth against mainstream media corruption) is the intended solution of the war on some drugs cannot possibly be to keep people from using certain drugs (which ultimately would logically end that war upon victory). The reason for that impossibility is the obviously publicly observable effect in the form of law enforcement (and certain other community leaders) pretending to toughly care about certain drug prevention (and pretending to put forward a respectable effort worthy of heavy taxpayer influx), while proving no net-resulting gain (thus my use of pretending) towards that globally proclaimed drug prevention goal, but certainly making a lot of money and other forms of powerful leverage in the process, so forming the actual and unethical “solution” of the war on some drugs by any sane reasoning.

While the mainstream media talks tough against (and even thankfully exposes) scams of many kinds, they unfortunately utterly refuse to publicly challenge law enforcement in general (more specifically, challenge the corruptly dominant forces within law enforcement — there are likely many good folks in that enforcement, supported by yours truly, that need enough public leverage to help them internally end that corruption for the sake of justice), so one of the grossest (if not the grossest) scams ever perpetrated nationally continues without sensible public question (rendering the mainstream media complicit in that scam with no broadly reported confession likely forthcoming without sufficient public compulsion).

Misfitting sobriety also causes mental dissonance (like needing shelter from a storm), and until computers enter the brain to resolve the awkwardness between other body parts interacting with informational displays (and responsibly automatically shift neurological processes to protect against critical stressors like the Earth’s magnetic field can protect us from deadly solar radiation), drugs (when sober adaptation is impossible) are the only answer to sheltering the mind from the many mentally applied stressors in a reality with a wildly extreme set of future possibilities.

Painkillers (automatic feel-good drugs thankfully extending away from my need, so admittedly experience) are obviously logically risky (my experience is not needed for credibility here). Seductive in their ability to quickly work against pain, the inevitable price of that work (reality needs balance) is too often easily dismissed, so the downward spiral of ‘drug against pain, pain upon drug effects wearing off, drug against pain…’ continues without sufficient public warning for prevention. While unable to go into completeness here (e.g. resolving the deeply entrenched pattern of extreme drug abuse is not covered in this post), what also remains oddly publicly ignored for too many people just falling into that cycle is the obvious solution of breaking that cycle by way of first understanding that imperfection is pain and always applicable in life (i.e. nobody is perfect within reality, so a healthy life is the process of doing your best to manage your imperfection — like constantly making adjustments to continue surfing a wave, instead of impossibly trying to reach the mountaintop of lifelong comfort). Then the drug abuse cycle becomes clear, because the drug is the method of compensating for that imperfection (and upon abuse, becomes at least part of that imperfection, so requiring more of that worsening ‘pouring gasoline on a fire to put it out’ methodology). The drug abuse pattern can only be broken by replacing (or responsibly tapering off) the drug sessions with something positive (not necessarily euphoric) with the understanding that the withdrawal symptoms will become less severe with less voluminous (and healthily eventually no) drug intake. After beginning to diffuse the abusive cycle, then hopefully more opportunities will surface to allow the abuse victim to healthily adapt to the stressor(s) prompting drug abuse.

Psychedelics (obviously including cannabis) are psychological symphonies of perception alteration (not automatic painkillers). Not to travel too far away from this post’s primary goal, but for proper grounding, you should know that psychedelic experiences demonstrate that information (and all aspects forming that information — e.g. your brain) is pure energy. On the one hand, mainstream science clearly concludes that mass is energy, so matches that demonstration (there is no science proving intangible results are anything but purely physical). On the other hand, mainstream science is still (at least appearing to be) focusing on mass being stuff with distinction (e.g. a chair is not modulating energy with the virtually infinite number of naturally deviating possibilities, but an objectively distinguishable object with far less deviating characteristics, such as predictable decay). The result for too many people entering the psychedelic experience is an initially unexpected styling of psychological modulation that is often wrongfully condemned as hallucinatory (e.g. a chair warping like a disrupted hologram of a chair — even sometimes with an obvious sense of odd dimensional warping — Reality Waveform Theory fully logically legitimizes that sense, if you seek credibility here).

Importantly note that psychedelics offer an oceanic set of modulating possibilities (including those from combining psychedelic effects to form a more complex effect), but once you find a consistent psychedelic in terms of effect (e.g. a strain of cannabis grown to produce the same effect), positive familiarity of that modulation is achieved (like discovering a new musical instrument).

Balance is required for stability (which is needed for survival), and psychedelics offer an inconceivable number of options to modulate against unhealthy mental imbalance (including helping children with seizures, and breaking the deadly cycle of painkiller abuse). Psychedelics are not automatically disorienting like alcohol is (they can easily produce a respectably stable mental sensation for safer mentality), and they do not directly affect all neurological processes (critically including healthy inhibition that alcohol easily negates). Though their power must be respected for positivity (like respecting the power of a gun), the results form a basically infinite set of mental tuning options for worst through best (for best when used properly) that apparently utterly crush the best pharmaceuticals designed to meet healthy mentality by sharply focused targeting within the brain (literally a muscle remaining dominantly mysterious to even the best medical professionals, so a very high risk of unintended consequences via unhealthy stress against other neurological processes not factored into still-very-early brain research conclusions forming those prescriptions).

Psychedelics are not meant to be the endgame of problem solving (and not meant to be necessarily consumed by everyone), but an optional alteration to perception for relieving mental issues (medicinally and recreationally) through symphonic forces nicely compelling healthy balance (so factoring all neurological processes as the targeted net result), and an effect prompting the (at least arguably important) curiosity needed for the observation of the modulating change of informational energy to better understand reality itself (including the user’s scientifically confirmed energetic form) — i.e. not directly a “smart drug”, but an expander of observation to realize how utterly deviating reality can be from the perception of normalcy (so enhances healthy mental flexibility upon proper use).

At least for the same reasons scientifically confirmed by the Placebo effect, psychedelic encouragement towards healthy mentality ripples throughout the body to form the healing results of that effect (logically a main reason why cannabis offers wide-reaching medicinal benefit — mind over matter). With no disrespect against medical expertise, the sensation of health is the true master of health, so giving people a powerful set of mental tools to tweak mental sensations for better health is publicly sensible (even though it blurs the line between prescribed medicine and otherwise).

Music is an energy signature forming a mental tuning tool via the auditory system that brilliantly resonates with the listener’s neurological symphony (that’s why music is so wonderfully effective recreationally and medically). Basically psychedelics are like music directly applied within the mind (and can work gloriously well with enjoyable music btw).

With power always comes the need for responsibility, so ironically irresponsibly abusing power (via the Commerce Clause nonetheless) against that extremely flexible psychedelic power is a serious social problem.

Education (which relies upon healthy reasoning to be effective) is the only answer for civility. Instead, we have a maelstrom of reason abuse (sometimes entrenched to form law abuse) for the sake of selfish agendas tumultuously broadcasted throughout public information systems, and all of the minor communication sessions resulting from that informational backbone and the unhealthy stress forming the root cause of drug (and other forms of) abuse.

The bottom line is information is the fundamental issue, not certain drug availability. To continue ignoring that (and to allow the mainstream media to continue ironically ignoring that) valid point is to avoid the aforementioned best effort for survival at our species’ level.

The more damaging cycle than the aforementioned one is ‘better war on some drugs, war on some drugs is obviously ineffective, better war on some drugs…’ (i.e. drug prohibition addiction grounded in lies and effective thievery of taxpayer money to support that deeply serious addiction against public safety).

Stress Health is my meticulously sculpted entertainment project (including social framework) designed from scratch with the Internet (and its radical improvement of information storage and sharing) in mind. Without corrupt compromise (no possible conflict of interest against public safety), Stress Health leverages the power of entertaining presentation to completely honestly inform the public, and leverages the psychological impact of multimedia entertainment for healing purposes (e.g. music as a mental tuning tool for dominating positivity or balance).

Responsible entertainers operate at the front-line against abuse (both in terms of prevention and adapting from the downward spiral), but when entertainers (e.g. mainstream media outlets) negate that responsibility and abuse their informational “bread and butter” (e.g. dominantly report shocking tragedy with ironically tragic consequences against the “public’s right to know” for public safety), the public obviously pays dearly, because the “pen is mightier than the sword” (so can broadly and deeply encourage people to be dopes, or preferably otherwise).

My Respect Cannabis campaign (part of Stress Health) just started, and is meant to become our Respect Cannabis campaign by increasing public awareness. The campaign is a wholly honest expression of the pros and cons of increasing cannabis legality (so respectable by any responsible person, regardless of recreational drug experience or otherwise), but also an extension of the fundamental principles pertaining to that potentially seriously powerful psychedelic plant to include intentional perception alteration itself (and the basics of use and abuse that always remain simply applicable, so constitute the true focus for civility logically throughout posterity).

The boldest distinction from the well-established cannabis legalization movement (I thank them for their efforts and successes, but they are destructively mixing their legalization agenda with tried-and-logically-always-failed traditional political leftism) is the priority in publicly expressing the corrupt judicial basis for the war on some drugs in the true highest court of the land — the court of public opinion. Readers of my Respect Cannabis introduction may be surprised by the unorthodox and upfront explanation of the true judicial basis for the war on some drugs (i.e. not Nixon or Reagan, both of whom were merely gross hypocrites in the ‘drug war’ case, but a major political leftist in Roosevelt and his presidential influence over blatantly irrational, so undeniably illegal, Commerce Clause redefining strictly within a judicial — not legislative, as needed for legality — context against everything our nation is logically set to oppose).

“Respondents Diane Monson and Angel Raich use marijuana that has never been bought or sold, that has never crossed state lines, and that has had no demonstrable effect on the national market for marijuana. If Congress can regulate this under the Commerce Clause, then it can regulate virtually anything–and the Federal Government is no longer one of limited and enumerated powers.” — Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas [emphasis mine]

Worth noting is that I’m not a political leftist or rightist in the conventional sense, but a scientific constitutionalist logically taking the best of both worlds (and libertarianism) to form just law (my Liberty Shield entertainment project is a full logical grounding for scientific constitutionalism, so feel free to join me in forming the fully logical breaking of the national cycle of law abuse caused by reason abuse).

The most powerful self-interest groups working to sustain the war on some drugs involve law enforcement organizations (basically such organizations are the only forces for that sustainment, and they leverage automatic law enforcement credibility for continuous public support). By righteously undermining corrupt law enforcement members’ need to leverage law for that public support, thereby publicly demonstrating their precious anti-drug laws cannot possibly be lawful by any righteously sane judicial measure (instantly brilliantly exposing their blatant scam in the court of public opinion), the wonderfully powerfully more expeditiously achieved ‘peace treaty’ from ending the horribly insane war on some drugs becomes highly probable — saving millions, if not billions, of lives in the process for public safety.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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