Real People Doing Really Wrong Things

Prompted by “It’s always the money”:

“I’ve been through some government budget exercises before and it’s rather amazing how hard it can be to cut agencies’ funding – it becomes a political nightmare regarding affected jobs and communities rather than being about actually spending the money in ways that provide value in terms of the larger picture.”

You will probably often read me stating that prior to achieving national presidential status, Mr. Obama claimed the war on some drugs to be an “utter failure”. An incomplete set of logical points suggests (typically how logic is leveraged btw and fwiw) that upon reaching the most nationally powerful position (at least in presentation), a righteous press towards ending that war makes perfect sense.

When I say abusive favoritism, that “political nightmare” is a prime example. We do not need to talk about evil power figures horribly laughably enjoying the destruction of our nation by judicial strangulation due to an internal (not national) agenda-driven complexity in law that never stops branching into our “free” lives. We do not need to demonize proponents for the war on some drugs (most of whom apparently make their living from that war), even though they most certainly unethically demonize us.

We do need to communicate the whole truth (and nothing but) with those proponents and the rest of the public, and demonstrate those proponents’ lives are demonstrably dedicated to an evil perpetual machine that presents itself as “protagonistic”, but obviously remains permanently the antagonist defying public safety (drug abuse has not diminished and law abuse has, and continues to, ruin many lives).

As the public continues to increasingly bypass the mainstream media effectively continuing to refuse “biting” the informational “hand” that feeds “newsworthy” information about tragic events (that hand equal to law enforcement and other government positioning effectively horribly rendering our mainstream media as state-run media), they continue to understand the mass seriousness of this issue.

The war on some drugs is not just about drugs, so my stance naturally expands beyond the typically proposed complex set of regulations (hypocritically just for cannabis, a potentially seriously powerful psychedelic drug that can — not does — make a mental mess in an inconceivable number of ways, but not the other illicit drugs). Those regulations have ironically hindered access for too many suffering people to a fantastically flexible and powerful medicine. For prime example, there is my “caregivee” with Alzheimer’s disease whom has been literally astonishingly transformed by meticulous strain selection and mild vaporized intensity in accordance with state legality — a tremendously powerful story that must be known for anyone diagnosed with that deadly disease (millions of people worldwide), because there are scientific and anecdotal signs that cannabis is literally the only drug capable of fighting that disease (including apparently reversing the damage — conclusive example not yet available in my case, but that astonishment presents hope). However, mainstream society is blocking that critical message ultimately due to that “political nightmare”. That blockage is justified to send to right message to children, but common sense (and a completely logical conclusion) clearly shows the horrific contrary.

I watch “The Big Bang Theory” television show with my caregivee (I know “caregivee” is not a word, but it logically should be, and I do not want to put quotes around it “everytime”). The episode of Leonard (the self-proclaimed “king of the nerds”) facing one of his high school bullies as an adult recently aired again, so the theme of adult bullying that started in my last post continues herein.

We too often believe that bullying ends at high school (or the standard academic area overall), but it remains painfully transparently clear that bullying never ends, despite the obvious immaturity that comes along with selfish dominance. Sure the reasons mature (e.g. DEA agent feeding his family at the expense of societal benefit), but the basic bullying format blatantly against an unalienable right to liberty does not.

One of my greatest challenges is leveraging the Rule of Reality (basically reality’s scientific need for balance), because most people are unfamiliar with that Rule. Frankly, that Rule sounds at best pseudo-scientific, if not outright mystical, but I assure you its legitimacy by the combination of mainstream scientific conclusions and simple logical filler to form what I call Reality Waveform Theory — a completely logical literary construct that, upon sufficient scientific validation, will logically radically transform humanity for worst through best. That transformation includes the understanding that we are all (as human beings) obviously a part of reality (subjectively defined set of energy currents to be precise), so reality’s need for balance ensures that dominance is always spent and fully paid for without exception. If the suffering from dominance is ample by one person, that payment is logically probably agonizing. No longer strictly within the realm of religion (e.g. wrath of God), the Rule of Reality is a scientific version of that inevitable wrath. Logically speaking, to unethically pick a fight with reality itself is obviously as stupid as it gets.

Humanity still horribly excessively suffers from the notion that bullying can occur without that payment (e.g. brutal dictatorships), and that negative result logically leaves civility firmly “off the table” with respect to actuality (civility pathetically remains an illusion at best). The Rule of Reality stands perfectly firmly to oppose those bullies (even though reality obviously needed them to be bullies — a hint as to why I refuse to deify reality). No longer laughably dismissed via atheism, any person exercising dominance recklessly can now logically be considered a moron. If there is one thing we know about people exercising dominance (often due to ego issues — which can apparently be remedied by certain psychedelic experiences btw), they never want to publicly prove themselves to be morons — and suffer from the corresponding credibility (power) loss. The Rule of Reality allows the public to honestly pity brutal dictators (and other abusive leaders in the private and public sectors) for the suffering they inevitably face for reality’s supremely dominating need (bullies are being ironically played — the metaphorical equal to having their pants embarrassingly pulled down publicly).

Death is not an escape from that payment (a common misconception), scientifically speaking. We can say that familiar interaction ceases with the deceased, but we cannot conclude that personal experience ends upon death. Quite the contrary, due to literally no objective distinction ever scientifically established (the most credible quantum physicists at best call particle distinction “fuzzy”), and the establishment that reality is a seamless ocean of energy from humanity’s view (strongly set by mainstream scientists concluding that mass is highly condensed energy, there is particle/wave duality, and string theory concluding particles are modulating strings of energy) sends a seriously powerful response (perhaps powerfully fittingly by “nerds” worldwide) to all bullies — death is not going to save you from the corruption you benefited from.

Returning to the “political nightmare” that is preserving the status quo for law enforcement relying upon unethically sustaining cannabis prohibition (cannabis is about 70% of the war on some drugs, according to leading government statistics, so legality of that plant would be a serious blow to that “quo”), being “set in your ways” is a sign of mental weakness (and when society embraces that abusive conservatism, a sign of humanity’s weakness).

Scientific constitutionalism (read my Liberty Shield introduction for complete grounding) brings the tried-and-true reaction by reality — in the form of technological accomplishments — to form equally solid judicial language constructs for a fair (so just) rule-of-law.

“We the people” (and the international public at large) must wake up from our “political nightmare”, because this is no dream. The imminent pain against people (in this “life resonance” or another one within this seamless ocean of energy) making a living by infringing upon the unalienable right to liberty (what should be a blatant violation of amendment nine in our Constitution — “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”) is not something that anyone can wake up from to their shock and awe.

For public safety, society can (and must) win the war against the war on some drugs. For that same safety, society must continue the war on drug abuse (including alcohol) via informational warfare (i.e. fully honest and entertaining — not lame — education wielded by professional entertainers and otherwise in this modern Internet-containing era) with the full understanding that “the pen is mightier than the sword”.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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