Teenage Wasted Land

Prompted by “Study: Cannabis Does Not Cause Psychotic Episodes in Teens”: http://www.hightimes.com/read/study-cannabis-does-not-cause-psychotic-episodes-teens

“According to previous research adolescents who smoke cannabis are slightly more at risk for a psychotic episode, though the majority never experience one. Still, the drug war movement has abused this small statistical correlation to make it seem like marijuana is driving our nation’s children crazy. New psychiatric research has concluded that cannabis does not cause psychotic episodes, but they can both occur given certain environmental factors such as economic disadvantages, bullying at school and a difficult home life.”

Unhealthy stressors, logically too often caused basically from the too many sources of abusive favoritism (e.g. ironically the war on some drugs), are to blame for drug abuse in this case (and all others).

“They found that genetics only has a small role when dictating whether someone will use cannabis or develop psychotic episodes, and environmental factors play a much larger part.”

Cannabis produces a symphonic psychological effect, which can be dissonant or harmonious (with an oceanic variety of forms due to strain distinction and combination).

Upon proper fit (including proper cannabis effects amplitude), the net result is an improvement in the user’s stress signature — which is obviously equal to a health boost that I hypothetically maintain is a major source for medicinal benefit (even for people dealing with mental illness). Cannabis is an extremely versatile mental tuning tool, and the mind plays a very strong and scientifically confirmed role (e.g. Placebo effect) in governing overall health.

Improper fit leads the cannabis experience to become another unhealthy stressor, and if the effects intensity is high enough (what I propose calling the “a2u ratio” — i.e. altered to unaltered perception ratio, which represents the volume sensation of the perception altering effect — e.g. 70/30 a2u basically means the effects are clearly louder than the normal perception of reality, so that effects structure “drives” the experience), that stressor is seriously problematic (and forms the proclaimed basis for liberty-infringing law).

Proper (i.e. fitting) strain selection and intake volume are the basics of proper cannabis use, and this forms the foundation for the much-needed public education regarding this potentially seriously powerful psychedelic plant.

Unfortunately, society overwhelmingly dominantly fails to care about such education overall, at least based upon my admittedly limited exposure to mainstream impressions (the primary set of informational currents that should be carrying the simple lessons of proper cannabis use, instead of still unethically resisting the obvious societal need to ‘repeal Certain Drug Prohibition’ due to its obvious failure to achieve anything other than ironically further destroying public safety). The result is increasing legality (due to the still-spreading understanding that “reefer madness” is actually “law madness”) leaves curious psychedelic newbies unnecessarily vulnerably exposed to the serious risk of misfitting psychedelic (in this case, cannabis) intake.

Though that risk has always existed (and is much higher due to obscene black market limitations against choosing fitting effects — e.g. if a ‘wreck’ strain is the only option, especially if cheaply so poorly grown, then matching the respectable need to chill out is likely not going to happen), there is little reason to continue avoiding entertainingly (in all genres and formats for broadest reach) sharing that basic educational approach to minimize health risk. Such educational nutrients are part of the radical improvement in entertainment possibilities due to Internet availability (e.g. no longer the need to cheapen content for broadest reach for a positive investment return, which still clearly and more obscenely occurs in mainstream television “news”) — an improvement that has only begun to be realized (and is the frontier that I meticulously built All Sines to explore as an indie entertainment organization).

Much more information (in whole truth form) about cannabis education is available in my introductory piece for the recently launched Respect Cannabis campaign to raise public awareness of the pros and cons of cannabis (and overall intentional perception alteration) exploration — a campaign in which we welcome your support.

“They obviously could not look at all the possible environmental factors that influence a person to use cannabis or have psychotic episodes.”

That quote prompts a bit of a tangent here. Science includes a permanently major challenge. Overwhelmingly complex systems cannot be fully accurately (therefore scientifically) grasped, so an element of vagueness is “scientifically” tolerated (at least presented as such often enough), despite inevitable unknown sources and unintended consequences having pertinent effects upon those systems.

Even though I remain an entertainer primarily, the science enthusiast in me cannot help but state that logic dictates that vagueness is the enemy (actually the mystery threshold) of science, so I cringe upon reading “scientific” affirmations failing to scientifically acknowledge the seamless and boundless nature of reality and all of the relevant-yet-ignored impact due to that inconceivably grandest modulation from humanity’s perspective. Those affirmations are too often the result of computer simulations that cannot compute all relevant factors (to put it mildly), so remain questionable in terms of scientific validity.

Basically, I feel like the Uncertainty Principle has understandably shaken the scientific community to a degree dangerously leading to accepting the “muddying” of that brilliantly concise method. Science is too often no longer about 100% accuracy due apparently to quantum uncertainty negating complete scientific grasp from humanity’s view. However, anyone familiar with Reality Waveform Theory can find the proper logical grounding for progressing scientific reach by the complete sinusoidal construction of complex waveforms (e.g. reality itself). That construction validates Einstein’s instincts against quantum physics, because the fundamental pattern found in literally all of reality is a sine wave, which is elegantly simple as Einstein desired, yet capable of fulling forming reality’s complexity (from humanity’s perspective — reality is objectively an undefinable extreme) without any opposition against the well-established aspects of quantum physics (or any other major scientific certainty to reinforce the validity of that new theory of everything/nothing/something).

The well-established Chaos theory (e.g. responsible for preventing weather forecasters from serious prediction accuracy beyond a certain time frame) basically concludes the tiniest deviation can have profound consequences (e.g. the single flap of a butterfly’s wings can determine whether or not a hurricane forms). Chaos theory is the boundary of scientific reach, and always remains pressing (Reality Waveform Theory offers the full grounding for that point and literally extremely more/less).

To bring this tangent back around to join the initial informational flow, cannabis research involving psychological impact is always going to suffer due to Chaos theory, because the number of factors determining mental health in any given moment is overwhelming (and missing even the tiniest factor can mean the difference between research conclusions being right or wrong).

Society has sadly decided to put the nationally obligatory unalienable right to liberty (and its unique ability to prevent law abuse) aside for the sake of ‘unsafe until proven safe’ in conformance with popular demand. The terrible irony comes from “proven” in that context, because such proof will always be limited, so remain subjective in terms of sufficiency, and therefore puts society at terrible risk of abusive dominance by always negating that sufficiency when desirable in the halls of (too often abused) power.

For prime example, the law enforcement official (with all of the inevitable publicly tragic financial conflicts of interest against sound governance) ultimately responsible for determining which drugs are not harmful enough for outright banning in the “land of the free” arbitrarily determines that alcohol is safe enough for legality and cannabis is not, despite overwhelmingly dominant scientific proof to legitimize reversing that trend (if drug prohibition would be a positive outcome for society, which it obviously is not — so banning alcohol again would be stupid).

Of course, the stressors caused by the war on some drugs (e.g. jailing fathers in poor neighborhoods for non-violent and illicit-drug-related reasons) are powerfully serious, so that problematic stressor remains necessarily addressed by a public that should be weary from such a continuous (and perpetual) war — at least one of the grossest exercises of adult bullying known to mankind, and one causing a lot of mental breakdowns at serious taxpayer expense.

One quote by the United States National Institute on Drug Abuse (ironically a prohibitionist organization) that remains committed to memory for the much-needed echoing throughout the public mainstream is…

“Researchers have long recognized the strong correlation between stress and substance abuse…” [emphasis mine]

That was an effective confession (stated way back in 1995) that prohibitionists know certain drug availability is not the actual problematic source of drug abuse, so infringing upon the unalienable right to liberty of drug users to (pretend to) go after drug abusers is undeniably widespread criminally wrong (and justice demands prosecuting those bullies), right mainstream media nowhere near reporting that very nationally relevant point to naturally encourage the public to prosecute those bullies, because of your obvious conflict of interest against the “public’s right to know” for the benefit of those bullies (whom continuously provide you “newsworthy” information about the tragic events you love to always report)?

For the longest time, we did not have a ‘war’ on unhealthy stress — the actual cause of drug abuse (and nonetheless the overwhelming burden on the healthcare system btw) by any sensible measure. The home page for our government’s Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website (which I saw for the longest time refuse to even mention the word stress even once, despite that long recognized strong correlation involving stress) now finally presses upon stressful relevance (even including a link to stopbullying.gov, which I guess has nothing to do with ending certain judicially sanctioned bullies’ insistence upon beating up society for their wallets’ benefit).

Stress Health is an entertainment project serving to remedy that problem to whatever possible extent (our part of using the flexibility of Internet communications to innovatively entertainingly educate our audience, hopefully containing entertainers capable of expanding our reach to their audiences), so society can transition from the obscenely obviously failed ‘just say no to certain drugs’ approach to an understanding of the basics of stress management — which ultimately comes down to action and inaction leading to healthy individual balance (with or without intentional perception alteration in any of its many forms).

While Stress Health focuses upon health, Liberty Shield focuses upon law (which has a serious impact on health). Until Certain Drug Prohibition comes to its righteous end, Liberty Shield and Stress Health’s Respect Cannabis campaign will be united to educate for public safety.

That sends the right message to teens (and everyone else), so those teens continuing to experiment with recreational drugs (despite prohibitionists’ demonstrated failure to stop that exercise) to get wasted will enter that perception alteration state of being with hopefully enough knowledge to prevent actual harm.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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