Psychedelic Baby Step

Prompted by “New Video from Jason Silva: ‘Drugs As Tools For Spirituality'”:

My comment therein shared herein fwiw…

Anyone knowing my work understands that I am a firm supporter of psychedelics as tools (e.g. mental stress harbors and lubricants) to work against unhealthy stress. As with using any potentially very powerful tool, serious care is needed to minimize risk to a reasonable degree on par with basically any other popularly socially acceptable activity (e.g. athletic ones).

I deeply appreciate what MAPS has accomplished and their continuing mission, but this video is indicative of a problematic approach concerning me as the aforementioned supporter.

If you watch that video from the (perhaps imagined) perspective of someone purely unfamiliar with the psychedelic experience, you will find a lot of cognitive dissonance from that speech. For the psychedelically uninitiated, this logically unfamiliar blast into the spiritual reaches of cosmic understanding contained in colorful enhancing blurs (or what have you) as a testament to a revolution of epic social proportions by complex psychedelic introductions into standard consciousness radically deviates from the common procedures demonstrated as credible towards responsibility (including popular methods for stability and therefore optimal survival) within the mainstream mindset.

The juxtaposition from today’s dominating mindset reveals a strong counterculture infusion understandably leading to the common alarmism involving the psychedelic subject, and the continuing serious anti-psychedelic presses by people in power understandably threatened by that powerfully radical and passionately proposed shift in common belief as logically ultimately controlled by the shamans of psychedelic culture.

What I am trying to do in my Stress Health entertainment project (, if you’re interested) is build the bridge between common mentality these days to one of whatever psychedelic degree remains comfortable for the lawful user. Taking that bridge seriously in the public mainstream is needed, because one potentially seriously powerful psychedelic (cannabis) is increasing in legality with no logical stoppage in momentum (i.e. prohibitionists failing to create even a “drug free” prison system can no longer silence their opponents demonstrating within that mainstream that reefer madness has been law madness all along), so the only method of commonly respected responsibility comes from embracing public education on the psychedelic matter (and I maintain perception alteration in general — whether altered by drugs, computer technology, religions, or any other perception-altering experience).

Psychedelic proponents need to simply competently provide mainstream society the initial step (explained to them in a manner understood by mainstream society), and that includes the very-down-to-Earth benefit from taking that step (healthier mental stress upon proper use). Instead of a speech radically deviating from standard living (especially one promoting a radical alteration to spiritual exercise necessarily including substance intake), one simply needs to lawfully promote electronic vaporized cannabis at a low temperature setting with a simple balanced and/or gently uplifting strain as a vastly superior nightcap that (instead of killing brain cells like alcohol does) functions logically as a neuroprotector and apparently even a neurogenerator.

When the average person uses cannabis in that way, they will be utterly stunned by the unbelievably mild and respectably sturdy (unlike alcohol’s disorienting) shift in mental processing from that usage. To elaborate, they will be positively stunned at the effect cannabis has upon improving mental functioning by formation of mentally symphonic stress harbors and lubricants. They will also understand there is no sane way to ban excessively intense psychedelic experiences, so law as a remedy against abuse remains socially foolish against our species (i.e. ironically publicly abusive). That helps expedite the end of Psychedelic Prohibition, instead of firmly clashing a cultural sword that sadly strengthens relevant prohibitionists’ leverage of popular culture against us.

Optimal survival (including survival of the fittest) logically includes the ability to better structure mental tool usage (e.g. better strain selection and intake volume) in modern civilizations. People operating mentally naked in this explosive universe will suffer and die sooner (mental tools offer a form of mental clothing), while people better leveraging mental tools (e.g. caffeine, psychedelics, etc.) will dominate and therefore secure public credibility needed to sustain that dominance.

I am never a part of counterculture. I am a part of human culture that responsibly exists as part of whole truth culture. Psychedelics fit nicely (when used responsibly) within that inclusive culture.

The man in this video (memory serving) is the host of the show Brain Games on the National Geographic channel. I would prefer to see him in that apparently popularly respectable context demonstrating the minor positive shift (medically and/or recreationally) of mild cannabis intake in Colorado (or such) in terms of promoting psyculture fwiw.

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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