Send the “Wrong” Message to Children

Prompted by “Pediatricians Demand DEA Reclassify Cannabis”:

“The American Academy of Pediatrics believes the time has come for the federal government to reclassify marijuana in order to facilitate research.”

“Although the health society is adamant that it does not support the concept of medical marijuana as 23 states and the District of Columbia have come to understand it…”

Stop the quote train. Does not support the dominating medical marijuana concept? So how exactly did this health society come to make this reclassification demand? Not to be overly harsh about it, but that statement is equal to this health society throwing the very cannabis community — that put themselves at serious risk of prosecution to bring awareness of pediatric cannabis solutions — under the bus. For the sake of the children (and the rest of us), stop compromising principles to seem socially acceptable, because such a sadly common (and popularly considered smart) compromise is actually obviously pathetic, wrong, and tortures the pursuit of accurate law for public safety.

Cannabis indeed dominantly offers a different delivery method of medication (basically a symphonic mental approach for smoother and healthily broader impact with no negative side effects upon smart strain selection and intake volume easily achieved with today’s vaporization technology), but an effective one for many people in this world where professional understanding of the human brain is still far from complete, so basically equally far from providing low-risk and high-quality sharply focused mental pharmaceuticals unfortunately typically favored as a professionally responsible approach to medicine (despite the set of common negative side effects plus the possible horrific set of terribly nasty side effects found with that medicine).

“…they are recommending the Drug Enforcement Administration downgrade the classification of cannabis to a Schedule II controlled substance because they realize ‘cannabinoid administration’ may be the only effective recourse for children suffering from debilitating or life-threatening conditions.”

Not to produce a jarring effect, but one more stoppage of the quote train is needed here. May be the only recourse is another way of necessarily saying the only known recourse, which makes cannabinoid administration the leading medical solution of this day (including for Alzheimer’s disease by the personally relevant way), factually speaking. Right, mainstream media? Right, government? Right, “We the people”? Right.

“Perhaps the most common disease discussed in relation to children and marijuana is Epilepsy… Yet, even though more states have legalized the herb for the sole purpose of treating epileptic children, the Obama Administration has done nothing to initiate any level of reform to the Controlled Substances Act.”

“In the meantime, the federal government has allowed GW Pharmaceuticals to conduct clinical trials in the United States with their cannabis-based epilepsy drug Epidiolex, bringing attention to corporate corruption that stands in the way of a nationwide medical marijuana program. Once the FDA puts its final stamp of approval on this medicine, which is expected…”

You see, folks, the FDA apparently does not disapprove of cannabinoid-based medicine (although I think they hypocritically reported that disapproval, memory serving — but I am too busy to follow up on this point for now), as we can clearly see, but the delivery system established by dedicated and smart experts within cannabis culture spanning recent decades (with no disrespect to the plant’s positive usage dating back roughly a few millennia). A hearty ‘thank you’ for putting psychedelic culture lives at risk of blatantly unethical prosecution (and persecution) to bring cannabis to society as a demonstrably powerful medicine (not to mention other psychedelics helping people) with the only delivery system proven to work is naturally publicly warranted. Right, mainstream media? Right, government? Right, “We the people”? Right.

“The AAP statement also recommends that marijuana be decriminalized across the nation, and ‘encourages pediatricians to advocate for laws that prevent harsh criminal penalties for possession or use of marijuana.'”

Decriminalization is logically insufficient. The black market component needs to be removed for the sake of public safety, and that requires full legalization. That includes a legitimate marketplace supplying cannabis, tools for human interaction with that wonderful plant, and entertainment and education to promote proper use and maximally ward off abuse — and the many thousands of jobs needed to improve the economy and sustain that lucrative and highly healthily competitive marketplace.

Thumbs up on the one set of pediatricians’ hands. Your hard and honest work on behalf of keeping children healthy is sincerely wonderfully appreciated.

Thumbs down on the basis of needing to stop mixing up the message being sent to children and everyone else to the detriment of societal consistency and therefore safety. Despite the blatantly evil demonization of this plant spanning several decades, increasing public awareness that reefer madness has actually been law madness means the time has come for relevant prohibitionists to finally face the music. Right, mainstream media (obviously complicit in broadly and strongly biased support for those prohibitionists against the journalism code of ethics)? Right, government (obviously guilty of devastating harm against millions of people, their loved ones, and any-relevant-one else)? Right, “We the people” (the group containing way too many people refusing to apply the necessary public pressure required for justice to prevent that harm at least on behalf of yet another wrongfully and brutally persecuted minority group in the “land of the free”)? Right.

Cannabis is harmless upon proper use, based upon all available information (including empirical data in the form of millions, if not billions, of cannabis users showing no objectively proven harm from moderate cannabis use) except merely suggestive “science” that obviously fails to meet all of the necessary factors to bring this complex psychedelic plant away from junk/pseudo science (factoring intake method, precise amount, and precise strain differential).

Cannabis Prohibition is terribly harmful, based upon all available information, and the seriously gross overreach by a dominating facet of popular society against usage of this plant over the past several decades (i.e. the serious need for their public apology and amends towards psychedelic culture victims) — which includes their continued unethical effort these days to prevent that truth against them from broadly surfacing to their serious humiliation and shame by any deceptive means — will never stop the “slam dunk” righteous truth completely against them (truth always eventually prevails, because truth is reality).

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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