Energy (Hallucinating or Otherwise)

Prompted by “‘Dreaming While Awake’ — An Examination of Hallucinations by Mike Jay”:

Sharing my comment posted there…

On the one hand, if hallucinations involve a boost in survival (e.g. a voice delivering a saving message), then positive value must be assigned to them. On the other upper extremity, they harmlessly fascinate their audience (or such), or involve a destructive (un-balancing) quality.

In other words, it can never be about the hallucinations in terms of sociality, but about the actualized (i.e. purely honestly agreeable) results of them.

However, the true nature of hallucinations is best met when forming our sense of reality from the basics of energy. Hardcore scientifically (not junk/pseudo science), everything humanity has ever encountered is pure energy (matter is highly condensed energy, basically in accordance with Einstein’s most famous equation, particle/wave duality in quantum physics, and string theory). All known forces are made up of particles (waves). Any distinction (mathematical or otherwise) comes from the human brain, which flows as part of that energy ocean — in other words, there is no objective distinction, and that radically changes the perception of reality upon understanding that absence (e.g. you and reality are one, objectively speaking).

Too many people believe the lines (boundaries, etc.) drawn within their brains reflect objectivity (i.e. the line is not merely perceived, but objectively exists where it is perceived to be). However, there is no science validating literally any such line. Quantum physicists call the lines separating particles “fuzzy” — hardly an objective confirmation of any line’s existence. Moreover, that fuzziness apparently reveals the limits of current human perception (e.g. scientifically established virtual particles ephemerally popping into existence — Popping in from where? No where? Sounds magical, not scientific?)

The purely physical nature of reality smoothly blending body, mind, and spirit reveals an unimaginable ocean of energy (including spanning unperceivable dimensions of space, hardcore scientifically speaking), and hallucinations are logically abnormal subjective resonances and/or echoes (basically metaphorical solar flares).

The value of reality (in part or whole) is purely subjective, and generally (if not always) defined in terms of survival (or the quality thereof). Survival effectively mandates a better understanding of reality, and humanity is well-served by returning to the basics — the purely energetic construct of reality, as demonstrated from science to subjectivity.

Fourier Analysis breaks any complex waveform (including the energetic oceanic one called reality) into its sinusoidal parts, which means the sine wave (a.k.a. circle over time) is the basic pattern literally found in all of reality from humanity’s perspective. The extremes of balance and imbalance (positive through negative) are contained within that simple pattern. Imbalance equals a problem and balance equals a solution, so the cycle of intellectual purpose is even contained within that pattern.

Experimentally speaking, time is a spatial dimension, so the absolute curvature of reality (instead of modulation over time) in a single moment (this one) is established (hardcore scientifically). One can meditate on that. One can advance our scientific understanding on that. The convergence of spirituality and science has come, logically speaking, and our species’ journey after understanding that convergence has only begun. Information is energy, so hallucinations and socially inevitably agreeable outcomes (collectively identified as real) are energy.

Psychedelics, when used responsibly, alter perception without hindering wisdom, so grant the user a (perhaps even radically) shifted perspective (i.e. alternative tuning) of how reality can modulate from humanity’s perspective. The virtually infinite set of psychedelic options (e.g. the overwhelming number of cannabis strains and combinations of them) grants a virtually infinite number of modulating variations of that tuning (from dissonant through harmonious). One boost in survival comes from the flexibility granted by those alternatives (e.g. the promotion of a healthy mental plasticity that comes from understanding the lines your brain draws do not actually exist where perceived to be).

I am an honest freak (or reasonably responsibly balanced "misfit", if you prefer) of an artist working and resting to best carefully contribute towards helping society. Too many people abuse reasoning (e.g. 'partial truth = whole truth' scam), while I exercise reason to explore and express whole truth without any conflict-of-interest -- all within a sometimes offbeat style of psychedelic artistry.

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